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How Does Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Assist the Stable and Efficient Operation of The Seed Coating Machine?

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Agriculture is the cornerstone of human civilization development. With the continuous growth of global population and the acceleration of social development, modern agriculture not only needs to increase yield, but also needs to focus on improving the quality, safety, and sustainability of agricultural products. The future development direction of agriculture will focus on technological innovation, intelligent production, green sustainability, etc., to meet human demand for high-quality food, ensure global food security and ecological balance.

Seed coating technology

Seed coating technology is one of the key innovations in modern agriculture. It uniformly covers the surface of seeds with seed coating agents containing various components such as insecticides, fungicides, compound fertilizers, trace elements, and plant growth regulators, forming a smooth and sturdy film, improving the survival rate and stress resistance of seeds, and providing a solid foundation for the healthy growth of crops.
The seed coating machine usually consists of a medicine barrel and a medicine supply system, a feeding hopper and a measuring medicine box, an atomization device, a stirring and transmission device, a bracket, and other parts. It is crucial to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of drug delivery throughout the entire coating process, which will directly affect the quality and growth status of the coated seeds. In addition, ensuring that the size and shape of the seeds after coating are consistent is beneficial for mechanical seeding, improving seeding accuracy, reducing seed usage and thinning workload.

Customer profile

A equipment company, as a leading domestic professional coating machine manufacturer, focuses on producing small and innovative agricultural machinery, specializing in seed coating machines, selection machines, as well as fertilizer and feed mixing and stirring machines.
Seed coating machines usually use metering pumps for drug delivery, but metering pumps may have issues such as accuracy being easily affected, maintenance being cumbersome, and susceptibility to contamination. Therefore, the customer is seeking a drug supply equipment that can replace the metering pump to provide higher stability and lower maintenance costs.

Lead Fluid solution

The Lead Fluid team conducted a thorough and detailed analysis of customer needs, combined with their understanding and grasp of the operation process and drug supply process of the seed coating machine, and comprehensively considered key factors such as flow control and drug uniformity. Finally, they recommended the Lead Fluid BT300S speed regulating intelligent peristaltic pump+YT25 pump head as the drug supply equipment for the seed coating machine.

The Lead Fluid BT300S product has the following numerous advantages:

1.High precision and stability
The Lead Fluid BT300S is equipped with an imported core processor, driven by a high-quality stepper motor, with a speed control accuracy of up to ± 0.2%, which can achieve high-precision flow transmission. At the same time, BT300S has stable flow rate and uniform liquid output, ensuring that each seed is properly coated, improving the uniformity and consistency of the coating.

2.Flexible and controllable
The Lead Fluid BT300S can be flexibly adjusted according to different seed types and coating requirements, intelligently adjusting and setting parameters, easily solving the switching of drug seed ratios on different crop seeds (wheat, barley, rice, etc.), providing more selection space.

3.Low shear force
Compared to metering pumps, the Lead Fluid BT300S has a smaller shear force on the liquid, ensuring that the active ingredients and nutrients in the liquid are not lost, thereby ensuring the stability and efficiency of the coating effect.

4.Easy to clean and maintain
The structure of the Lead Fluid BT300S peristaltic pump is relatively simple, with no valve or seal design, which can effectively prevent blockages or drug leakage. And it is easy to clean and maintain, reducing the maintenance cost and cycle of the equipment, and improving the stability and reliability of the equipment.

The introduction of Lead Fluid BT300S not only reduces the amount of seeds and pesticides used, but also reduces labor intensity, making it an indispensable equipment in seed coating machines.

Customer Reviews

The product manager stated:
“Our new seed coating machine is equipped with Lead Fluid peristaltic pump, which greatly improves work efficiency. We look forward to more cooperation with Lead Fluid in the future!”