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GOOD NEWS-Lead Fluid TYD01-01 Laboratory Syringe Pump Newly Upgraded

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Modern scientific research emphasizes efficiency, modernity, and innovation, and puts forward more unique requirements for instruments and equipment. Aesthetics, intelligence, and efficiency have become the top standards for scientific research equipment. The all-new upgrade of the injection pump in the Lead Fluid TYD01-01 laboratory is leading the new trend of laboratory equipment with more comprehensive functions and outstanding appearance design.

Innovative industrial design won the gold medal at the global “Hua Design Award”

TYD01-01 Laboratory Injection Pump won the gold medal at the 2nd Global “Hua Design Award” for its outstanding design concept and innovative appearance!

The newly upgraded TYD01-01 abandons the traditional square shape in its appearance design and cleverly integrates organic lines into the product, complementing the design intention and function of the product, bringing a unique visual beauty to the laboratory scene and giving the product a deep meaning of “flow”.
The new design language not only breaks through in aesthetics, but also runs through the principles of ergonomics, achieving a perfect combination of appearance aesthetics and practicality. The lightweight design of the entire machine is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen that supports horizontal and vertical display, adapting to more work scenarios and significantly improving the user’s visual and operational experience. At the same time, the product integrates communication functions as a whole, easily embedded in cutting-edge scientific experiments, becoming an accurate transmission module. The introduction of the Internet of Things and the innovation of faster positioning systems have received high praise from both new and old customers.

A powerful “assistant” for intelligent, precise, and reliable scientific research experiments

Lead Fluid TYD01-01 is a high-precision injection pump specially designed for laboratory applications, integrating intelligence, precision, and reliability, providing excellent support for laboratory work.

*Powerful and integrates multiple working modes
Supports five working modes: injection, extraction, injection followed by extraction, extraction followed by injection, and continuous circulation, helping to achieve twice the result with half the effort in experimental research.

*High precision control
The fixing method of the transmission screw adopts high-strength aviation bearings. Compared with traditional copper sleeve bearings, the screw has a longer service life and higher accuracy. Combined with excellent control systems and precise mechanical structures, the stroke control accuracy error is less than ± 0.35%.

*Adapted to various syringes and injection needles
Can install 1 plastic syringe or glass injection needle, with syringe capacity ranging from 10 μ L to 60mL, flow rate range from 0.184nL/min to 83.318mL/min, meeting various experimental needs.

*Support horizontal and vertical screen switching
According to the conditions of the workspace, horizontal and vertical screens can be switched to make operations more convenient.

*Dynamic display, real-time understanding of work status
Dynamic display of the operation process, facilitating operation and observation during the experiment, and fully grasping the working status throughout the process.

*Dual protection, safe and reliable
Syringe protection and traffic jam alarm mechanism ensure the safety and reliability of the experimental process.

*Forming an automated control system with multiple upper computers
It can form an automation control system with various upper computers such as computers, PLCs, microcontrollers, etc., to achieve more advanced automation experimental control.

Technical Parameter

Work mode: Infuse,withdraw,infuse /withdraw,withdraw/infuse,continuous mode
Number of channel: 1
Stroke of pump: 110mm
Advance per microstep: 0.156μm/μstep
Linear speed:1μm/min ~150mm/min
Linear resolution:μm/min
Accuracy:error<±0.35%,(>30% of pump stroke)
Max rated linear force:>16kgf
Thrust regulation:1~100% arbitrary adjustable
Syringe size:10μL~60mL
Syringe selection:Built-in main manufacturers, the main model syringe to choose. Can use custom syringe, direct input syringe size and diameter
Flow rate:0.184nL/min~83.318mL/min
Flow calibration:Through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume
Display:5-inch color LCD screen display and transfusion volume, residual fluid volume, flow ,operation direction ,syringe specification, etc. Animation display operation.
Operation mode:Touch screen + button
Power-off memory:Storing the running parameters automatically.
Function:Pause and stop, the sound tip, the lock parameters, fast forward and retreat quickly ,display brightness adjust.
State signal output:1 road start-stop status ,1 road direction status.
Control signal input:1 road startup status ,1 road directional signal.
Communication interface:RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol.
Dimension mm(L×W×H):240×196×125mm
Power supply:AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Working environment:Temperature 5~40℃, relative humidity<80%.

Widely used in laboratory, medical, industrial and other fields

1.In the laboratory, Lead Fluid TYD01-01 can be used for mass spectrometry analysis, microfluidics, 3D organ printing, brain stereotactic injection, and other scenarios.
2.In clinical medicine, Lead Fluid TYD01-01 can be used for neonatal nutrition supply, blood transfusion, anticoagulant and anesthetic drug input scenarios.
3.In industrial application scenarios,Lead Fluid TYD01-01 can be used in fields such as high-voltage electrospinning and industrial conveying.