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Congratulations-The Product Launch for Lead FluidExplosion-proof Series Peristaltic Pump Products Was Successfully Held

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On February 23, 2024, Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the “Lead Fluid Explosion proof Series Peristaltic Pump Product Launch Conference”, marking the grand launch of Lead Fluid new generation of explosion-proof series peristaltic pump products.

Lead Fluid focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of small and micro flow precision peristaltic pump products, positioning itself in the global mid to high end product market. It is widely used in high-precision fluid transmission and control technology fields such as biology, environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, and new energy.
Lead Fluid has always been market-oriented, customer-centric, focusing on the field of small and micro fluid transmission, adhering to independent innovation to meet the diverse needs of different industries for small and micro fluid transmission.

At this conference, Lead Fluid presented the upcoming new generation of explosion-proof series peristaltic pumps. This product series is based on the urgent demand of customers for explosion-proof performance in fields such as chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals. By introducing advanced materials and processes, the explosion-proof series peristaltic pump products have been comprehensively optimized, meeting explosion-proof standards while also improving performance and lifespan in all aspects. Lead Fluid is committed to providing customers with truly reliable, efficient, and safe industrial fluid transportation solutions, helping them stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

Product Display

Product Manager Cui Chengtao comprehensively elaborated on the design concept of the new product, and demonstrated the working principle and functional characteristics of the new product through videos and animations, deeply analyzing the technical highlights of the explosion-proof peristaltic pump.


Chief Product Experience Officer Zheng Long emphasized that the new product fits the current market demand and demonstrates significant competitive advantages and broad market prospects, based on actual industrial usage scenarios.

Experience Interaction

In the interactive section, participants actively asked questions, spoke enthusiastically, and shared their questions and insights on the new product.

A new product experience zone has been set up on site, attracting many attendees to get hands-on experience and deeply appreciate the performance of the product.

Closing Remarks

Ms. Zhang Xiaoling, General Manager of Lead Fluid, reviewed the research and development process of explosion-proof series peristaltic pump products, analyzed the current market situation, and outlined the future of Lead Fluid.

The successful launch of the Lead Fluid explosion-proof series peristaltic pump product launch event will not only lead the new trend of explosion-proof series peristaltic pumps, but also embark on a new journey for Lead Fluid in 2024. In the future, Lead Fluid will continue to adhere to high-quality and sustainable development, win the market with quality, set sail, and write a new chapter in brand development!