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How To Use Peristaltic Pump Filling System To Solve The Problem Of Paint Filling?

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Peristaltic pumps are widely used in the filling industry. When it comes to filling, in addition to the accuracy, the nature of the liquid itself should also be noted, such as paint filling. These belong to coatings, and we will introduce them below.

Problems prone to occur

1.The ratio is not accurate and the flow rate is not easy to control

2.The liquid is odorous and polluting


Characteristics of peristaltic pump filling system

In the process of peristaltic pump, the squeezing effect is realized by a rotating device consisting of several rollers which is completely close to the feeding tube. When the feed tube is extruded and returns to the normal size, the extraction effect will occur. The fluid is sucked in and captured by the rear roller and finally discharged from the pump. In this process, the volume of the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump between the two gears is certain, which can solve the metering problem in transportation. The peristaltic pump filling machine has the function of an automatic check valve, which can also prevent the back flow of paint.

Terms of settlement

The peristaltic filling system can ensure that there are no other parts contacting with the fluid except the tube during the paint delivery, thus avoiding the possibility that the paint corrodes the pump or the pump pollutes the fluid. Cleaning is simple. The traditional peristaltic pump must be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, while the maintenance required for the peristaltic pump filling machine is only to replace the feeding tube.

Matters needing attention

1.Before using the filling system, we should pass the silicone tube through the pump head and use the pressure regulating parts to fix it. Pay attention not to press the tube too tightly at this time. If it is too tight, the silicone tube will deform greatly, which will increase the wear and make our flow error.

2.When the system or filling machine is running, do not change the running direction of the pump at will.

3.The tube line problem has always been the focus. We should pay attention to the use of silicone tube every once in a while. If aging or damage occurs, we should replace them in time to avoid leakage and other problems.

4.Although the silicone tube can be used for most liquids, we still need to determine the characteristics of the liquid to be transported first, and then select the appropriate tube. If you can’t come up, you can directly put on the silicone tube.