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WT300F-D High Precision Peristaltic Pump, Lead Fluid Pumps From Lead Fluid

low pulsation WT300F-DMD25-T peristaltic pump

WT300F-D high precision peristaltic pump is suitable for pharmaceutical, medical, experimental, food and industries. The application of peristaltic pumps is now more and more extensive, and a good peristaltic pump and pump head configuration is simply very important! Nowadays, the pharmaceutical, medical, food industries have high-precision, low-pulsation, and high-efficiency requirements for liquid filling, analysis and testing, which are also problems that need to be solved in the industry and the market.

So let’s introduce Lead Fluid WT300F-D the appearance and strength coexist, meet all your requirements, solve all your problems, impeccable.

▷ Lead Fluid WT300F peristaltic pump is mainly suitable for high-precision dispensing 0.1~200ml liquid, and the filling accuracy error range is ±0.5~1%.

▶ Five groups of working parameters are pre-stored for easy recall at any time.

▷ With functions such as flow display, flow control, liquid volume accumulation, intelligent flow calibration, etc.

▶ Intelligent temperature control fan to minimize noise-air-cooled heat dissipation and noise reduction.

▷ It is suitable for tube of various specifications and materials, which meets the relevant requirements of FDA, USP and GMP certification.

Lead Fluid DMD25-T pump head is specially designed for high-flow, low-pulsation requirements or high-precision liquid filling applications. The double pressure block with phase difference and the double “Y” type hose with card, through the phase complementation, flow superimposition, greatly reduce the flow pulsation, and improve the quantitative transmission accuracy. The guillotine-type hose fixing structure effectively prevents hose wear caused by vibration.

low pulsation pump head

Flow range 0.4~4000ml/min.

Through the dual pipeline pulsation complementary method, the transmission smoothness is greatly improved.

Elastic upper pressure block structure reduces the flow rate attenuation and greatly extends the life of the pump tube.

Three pump heads can be cascaded 3 channels to increase production efficiency.

The overall use of aluminum alloy and SS304 materials, excellent mechanical properties.

The max speed can reach 350 rpm.

The stainless steel 6-roller design makes the liquid transfer more stable, which is conducive to energy saving and efficiency improvement.

Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of peristaltic pumps and precision syringe pumps, and has been committed to providing users with high-quality products and perfect technical services. In addition to having the most complete series of peristaltic pumps and syringe pump product lines, Lead Fluid can also provide OEM customized services according to user needs. Lead Fluid’s mature product development experience can provide you with fast application guidance and suggestions for peristaltic pumps and syringe pumps, and provide users with high-quality, high-precision, and cost-effective fluid delivery solutions.