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Which Factors Will Cause The Operation of Flow Type Peristaltic Pump Abnormal

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Peristaltic pumps are generally divided into speed variable peristaltic pump, flow peristaltic pump and dispensing peristaltic pump. The flow peristaltic pump can display the current flow rate and speed of the peristaltic pump. Pump transmission fluid is pulsating. Because of this pulsation, conventional flowmeters cannot measure accurately. Only volumetric flowmeters can be used. This type of flowmeter can only adapt to part of the fluid transmission. For fluids with particles It cannot be measured. This kind of flowmeter has a certain demand for the pressure of the liquid, and the price is relatively expensive, which also causes the flow peristaltic pump on the market to be an open-loop product, and the displayed flow value is calculated instead of the actual value. The error is 1%, while LeadFluid can reach an accuracy of 0.5%.

The basis of this calculated value is the size of the slope of the transmission curve caused by hoses of different specifications and materials, usually in a linear relationship. When a new peristaltic pump hose is replaced, the actual value and the displayed value have a certain error. At this time, it is necessary to modify the flow rate on the driver, set it to the actual flow rate, and let the display and transmission correspond. However, due to the transmission curve and various factors, there will be a linearity error. Therefore, after the flow curve correction is completed, once the motor speed of the drive is changed, there will be a certain error between the flow rate value displayed by the drive and the actual transmission flow rate value, and the range of the speed value change will expand. This error may be will grow bigger. Therefore, once the flow curve is corrected, the value displayed by the driver is accurate when the motor speed change range is not large. When the motor speed change range is too large, the flow curve correction needs to be performed again.

For flexible hoses, the curve is very close to a straight line. In this case, the value displayed by the driver can often correspond to the actual transmission flow rate, for peristaltic pump hoses with poor flexibility or thicker, the linearity of the curve The error is often large, so when adjusting the drive motor speed range is large, it is necessary to re-calibrate the flow curve to obtain relatively more accurate display data.

Lead Fluid Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump

BT301L flow rate peristlatic pump

BT101L/BT301L/BT601L adopts color LCD and touch screen technology. The operator can input the flow rate directly. Simple operation, the operating interface is intuitive. Mainly uses in controlling the flow transmission, the highest accuracy of controlling flow is ±0.5%. Unique dispensing function to meet the requirement of repeated timing and quantitative transmission of fluids, intelligent temperature control technology, in order to reduce unnecessary operating noise. RS485 communication, adopts the MODBUS communication protocol, the pump is easier to be connected with other equipments, such as computer, human machine interface and PLC.

This series peristaltic pump has the basic function of flow display, flow control and flow accumulation, peristaltic pump expert system, to the greatest extent user-friendly use, ABS plastic housing, creative streamlined appearance, concise and beautiful. Can drive multi-channels and various types of pump heads.

 peristaltic pump

 BT100L/BT300L/BT600L  intelligent flow peristaltic pump, can realize high precision continuous transmission control and simple quantitative function. Compared with the previous generation of products, uses a larger screen, faster microprocessor, simple operation, powerful functions, new delay to start or stop the flow control process, to meet the complex transmission requirements. RS485 communication adds more settings on the basis of the MODBUS protocol to meet the requirements of different communication equipment.

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