Do you know the difference between different models of peristaltic pumps? This article takes you into the world of flow model, speed model, dispensing model and customized (OEM) peristaltic pumps.

1.Speed variable peristaltic pump

Variable speed peristaltic pump refers to a peristaltic pump with basic functions such as start and stop, forward and reverse rotation, full speed, speed regulation, state memory, external control input, etc. Some adjustable speed peristaltic pumps can realize WiFi control or simple sub assembly. RS485 communication, which can be connected with various control equipment.

2.Intelligent flow peristaltic pump

Flow model peristaltic pump refers to the addition of flow display, flow correction and other functions in addition to the basic functions of peristaltic pump, such as speed display, start / stop, direction, speed adjustment, etc.

Flow model peristaltic pump generally adopts color LCD display and touch screen operation. The display screen can directly display the speed, the display page is more intuitive, the user can directly input the flow, and the operation is more simple and convenient. It is mainly suitable for accurately controlling the flow transmission scenarios, and can meet the more complex transmission requirements.

3.Intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump

The distribution peristaltic pump is mainly applicable to the quantitative distribution, accurate measurement and timed feeding of various complex liquids. In addition to the above functions of flow type peristaltic pump, the following functions are added:

•The user can set the interval time, distribution times, distribution volume and parameters by himself. After setting, the peristaltic pump can automatically complete the specified filling times. This function is mainly applied to the automatic filling equipment on the production line;

•The distribution peristaltic pump has two working modes: distribution mode and transmission mode. When the transmission mode is selected, the function is completely the same as that of the flow peristaltic pump. When the distribution mode is selected, it has the function of automatic distribution;

•The distribution peristaltic pump has three distribution modes: time distribution, liquid volume distribution and replication distribution. Time allocation refers to setting allocation according to the length of time. Liquid volume allocation refers to setting allocation according to the size of liquid volume. In the copy allocation setting, the peristaltic pump can automatically record all parameters of a certain filling. After the liquid volume, time and speed of filling are determined, multiple filling can be carried out according to this parameter. The liquid volume of each filling is the same as the set liquid volume.

4.Customized (OEM) peristaltic pump

ODM peristaltic pump means that users can match peristaltic pump heads with different flow ranges and different drive circuits according to their own equipment needs.

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