In the industrial industry, the pump that is used more is the industrial peristaltic pump. Today, let’s explore the matters needing attention for using this pump.

1. When using the industrial peristaltic pump, please do not tighten the adjusting plate too tightly to avoid “pricking” the pump head. Generally, the pressure regulating plate can adjust the liquid outflow to extend its service life.
2. When the peristaltic pump head is running, do not press the “forward/backward” switch. If it is necessary to press, first slow down and then press, and then adjust the speed to the original speed, that is, adjust the voltmeter reading to the original value.
3. When using the peristaltic pump, always pay attention to whether the hose is intact. It is generally better to run at a moderate speed. When the hose is found to be aged, it shall be replaced in time.
4. Clean the pump head after use. If it is not used for a long time, please remove the pump head to extend its service life.
5. When the peristaltic pump is not used for a long time, please take the peristaltic pump hose out of the pump head to extend its service life. The hose is a wearing part, please replace it after a period of use. Otherwise, it will cause leakage and damage the instrument.
6. Please select hoses with different thicknesses according to different media and flows.