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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using The Hose Peristaltic Pump?

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When it comes to using the peristaltic pump, we all have some experience. After all, many people have been using it for a period of time. But have you noticed some details as below? Let’s explore together.

Precautions for peristaltic pump:

1.The peristaltic pump tube may be broken due to wear during long operation, resulting in overflow of transported materials, which may cause harm to human body or equipment. Please reasonably evaluate the service life of the pump tube, check regularly and replace the pump tube in time;

2.When disassembling and assembling the pump tube, please disconnect the power supply and ensure that the materials in the tube are discharged clean;

3.Do not touch the pump head roller when the pump is running to avoid injury to human body or equipment;

4.When the pump is running, the temperature rise of the motor is relatively high. Please touch the motor carefully and conduct heat dissipation treatment for the motor and circuit;

5.When the pump is not running for a long time, please loosen the pump tube to prevent it from being squeezed, deformed or even stuck, which will seriously affect the service life;

4.The inner cavity of the pump head shall be kept clean, otherwise the abrasion of the silicone tube and the roller of the peristaltic pump will be accelerated;

5.Do not add lubricating oil to the roller at will, please confirm with the relevant personnel of the manufacturer in advance whether it is appropriate;

6.When pumping strong corrosive liquid or organic solvent, please ensure that the relevant materials of pump pipe and pump head can withstand;

7.When using, please ensure that the electrical indicators such as power supply and external control signal are within the scope of relevant requirements, and do not exceed the standard;

Precautions for tube:

1.Check whether the size of the pipe matches the pump used, otherwise the tube will fall off.

2.Whether the liquid conveyed by the tube will react with that conveyed by the tube.

3.During installation, pay attention to whether the tube is tightly installed, otherwise the tube will be pinched or even scratched.