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What Role Does Peristaltic Pump Play in The Paper Making Process?

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Paper, which is very common in our daily lives, actually has a complex and magical production process. So, how is the paper we use made? During this process, the peristaltic pump equipment played an important role. Let’s enter the world of paper manufacturing together and explore its mysteries.

1.From raw materials to pulp

The main raw materials for paper are plant fibers such as wood, bamboo, cotton, straw, and sugarcane bagasse. Firstly, these raw materials need to undergo chemical or mechanical treatment to separate cellulose from fibers and make pulp. Cellulose in pulp is the fundamental component of paper, and peristaltic pumps play a crucial role in this process.

Peristaltic pumps can be used to transport various types of pulp, such as wood pulp, straw pulp, waste pulp, etc. Due to its excellent wear resistance, the peristaltic pump can effectively handle liquids containing solid particles and fibers, ensuring the smooth progress of the pulp in the subsequent paper making process.

2.Additives and color matching

During the manufacturing process of paper, various chemicals need to be added to improve its performance. These additives include dehydrating agents, flocculants, wet strength agents, dry strength agents, dispersants, etc. The peristaltic pump plays the role of an accurate metrologist in this process, ensuring that various additives are evenly distributed throughout the paper making process.

In addition, peristaltic pumps can also be used to transport various dyes, pigments, and fillers used in the paper making process. Due to its pulseless and continuous conveying characteristics, it ensures that dyes and fillers are evenly distributed in the paper, giving it the color and texture we need.

3.Coating and Forming

On the surface of paper, we often see a smooth coating. This coating needs to be evenly applied to the surface of the paper during the paper making process. The peristaltic pump provides a constant flow rate and pressure during this process to ensure uniform distribution of paint on the paper surface, resulting in better glossiness and smoothness of the paper.

4.Paper Forming and Pressing

After adjusting the concentration of the pulp, it is fed into a paper machine for molding. During this process, the pulp is laid on a continuous network structure, gradually removing moisture and forming wet paper. At this stage, the peristaltic pump can transport the adjusted pulp to the paper machine to form paper.

Subsequently, the wet paper undergoes a series of pressing and dehydration processes, gradually compressing to remove excess moisture. Peristaltic pumps can be used in this process to transport dehydrating agents and other chemicals to improve the dehydration effect of paper during the pressing process.

5.Drying and coiling of paper

After being pressed, the moisture content of the paper is still high. At this point, the paper needs to enter the drying section and evaporate its moisture through a heated drum to achieve the desired degree of drying. The dried paper is fed into the winding section and rolled into large rolls for easy storage and transportation.

6.Wastewater treatment and cleaning

Throughout the paper making process, a large amount of wastewater is generated. Peristaltic pumps play an important role in the wastewater treatment process, which can be used to transport wastewater to sewage treatment facilities, as well as to transport chemicals such as flocculants and dehydrators used in sewage treatment.

In addition, during the cleaning process of paper making equipment, peristaltic pumps can also be used to transport cleaning agents and water, providing stable cleaning pressure and flow rate, effectively removing dirt and residues from the paper production process.

From this perspective, peristaltic pumps play a crucial role in the entire paper manufacturing process. From raw material processing to finished product coiling, to wastewater treatment and equipment cleaning, peristaltic pumps are powerful assistants in paper manufacturing. Next time you are holding a piece of paper in your hand, think about the peristaltic pumps silently dedicating themselves behind your back, how wonderful and convenient they have brought to our lives.