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What Role Does Peristaltic Pump Play In Environmental Protection?

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Peristaltic pump, also known as self-priming pump, is widely used in environmental monitoring. What role does the peristaltic pump play? Let me explore together

In environmental testing, it is necessary to obtain a qualified sample before continuing the subsequent steps. Otherwise, errors will occur at the beginning, which will not only cause waste of human and material resources, but also lead to mistakes in environmental management decisions. Therefore, it is an important topic to reasonably sample pollutants in environmental testing. The corresponding automatic pollutant sampler is also widely used. The structure of the sampler is introduced below.

Structure of automatic pollutant sampler

The sampler is mainly composed of enrichment and instrument parts. The instrument part is equipped with DC ammeter, power switch, water inlet, rheostat, fuse, etc.

The volume of the sampler is generally 400mm, and the available voltage is 220v, 50HZ. This is the most commonly used standard voltage in China’s industrial and mining enterprises, and also the so-called AC voltage commonly used in our families. Among them, the peristaltic pump is a device for transferring pollutant liquid, which adopts stainless steel shell.

It is recommended to use the BT100S adjustable speed intelligent peristaltic pump of Lead Fluid, with a flow range of 0.0001~720ml/min. The whole system is driven by high-quality step servo motor, and the speed control accuracy is up to ± 0.2%; The pump can be remotely controlled and the running status can be monitored in real time through the Lead Fluid APP software; RS485 communication is compatible with Modbus protocol, and can be connected with computers, single chip computers, PLC, frequency converters, human-machine interfaces and other upper computers through multiple signal modes to achieve systematic centralized control. The overall use of stainless steel 304 material shell, effectively prevent the erosion of various organic solvents, easy to clean;

Why choose peristaltic pump

1.No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump pipe, not the pump body;

2.High precision: repetitive precision, high stability precision;

3.Low shear force: it is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and aggressive fluids;

4.Good sealing performance: it has good self-priming capacity, can idle, and can prevent back flow;

5.Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;

6.With two-way equal flow transmission capacity; No damage will be caused to any part of the pump without liquid idling; The vacuum degree can reach 98%; Without valves, mechanical seals and packing sealing devices, there would be no such factors that cause leakage and maintenance; It can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluids, allowing the diameter of solids contained in the fluid to reach 40% of the inner diameter of tubular elements; It can transport all kinds of materials and food with grinding, corrosion and oxygen sensitive characteristics; Only the hose is the part that needs to be replaced, and the replacement operation is extremely simple; Except for hoses, the conveyed products do not contact with any parts.