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What is the main factors for selecting peristaltic pump tubing?

Every day there are customers wondering what kind of peristaltic pump tubing should be used to transmit various fluids? What is the main factors for selecting peristaltic pump tubing? What material, diameter, and wall thickness tubing should be used for transmission? What is the difference between each other? How to choose the speed range and flow range? How to choose tubing for peristaltic pump?

Lead Fluid has always been based on market demand for the past many years, helping to solve various challenges faced by customers in industries and fields such as biopharmaceuticals, food processing, packaging and printing, environmental engineering, chemical synthesis, optical electronics and so on.

1. Tubing’s characters

  • Good flexibility, quick recovery after pressure(shore hardness:40-80)
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Common press-endurance
  • No leakage(good air-tightness),low adsorption.
  • Good temperature-endurance and aging-resistance.
  • No swelling,corrosion resistance.

2. Chemical compatibility

Chemical compatibilities of tubing are some good chemical properties the tubing appears when transferring fluid. The normal tubing only general touch with chemical material, but peristaltic pump”s tubing touch with chemical material under working conditions, so the chemical compatibility level is different between peristaltic pump’s tubing and general tubing. Peristaltic pump’s tubing has the corresponding materials to meet demand, according to transmission various liquid. The user should check every kind of chemical material in the solution,to make sure is can handle with the choden tubing compatible.

3. Compression

The factors of affecting the tubing compression:material, diameter and the wall thickness of the scale. If the system pressure over the limit of the tubing, the tubing will be expended, result in the tubing excessive wear or tubing burst.

4. Temperature

The working temperature range of tubing is the main factor of user considers. Different materials have different temperature performance. Some materials such as silicone rubber is wider temperature range,it is suitable for the high temperature and low temperature. But some tubing materials can work only for a small range. The user in the selection of tubing materials, should first make clear the maximum and minimum temperature, then ensure the selected tubing can work in the temperature range.

5. Peristaltic Pump Tubing Size

The size of the tubing direct influence on the flow,the inner diameter of the tubing decided the flow,is directly proportional to the flow.Wall thickness not only influences the resilience of tubing,but also influences the life of the tubing.

6.  Transparency

If the operator needs observe the status such as:the bubbles,particles,pollution case,should choose the Tygon® or silicone rubber tubing,and if the fluid is not easy to exposure,should choose not transparent tubing.


7. Gas permeability

For some fluid is sensitive with the gas,some easy by oxidation, or anaerobic cell cultures.Users should consider the gas permeability factor of tubing.In general,the highest porosity is silicon tubing.So some fluid that unfavorable contact with the gas,should choose the low porosity of tubes.

8. The authentication

Tubing is used for related purposes may be through the relevant authentication.Such as the United States pharmacopoeia USP, European pharmacopoeia EP,the United States food and drug administration standard FDA,the United States department of agriculture standard USDA and the national sanitation foundation standard NSF.


9. Working life

Different tubes have different abilities of roller extruding, friction resistance.Different tubing type pipe,pump head, operation speed,the life are different.Choose the long life,thick wall tubing,big flow pump, run in lower speed can be obtained more long service life.

10. Flow range

Each tubing is corresponding fixed flow range.We accoring to our customers needs of flow range choose corresponding tubing.