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What Is The Effect Of Liquid Viscosity On Peristaltic Pumps

filling peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump is accurate, durable, and has a stable delivery flow. It can deliver fluid without contact with the outside world to prevent pollution. Peristaltic pumps have very good sealing and accuracy in transmitting liquids, but not all liquids can be transmitted. The nature of some liquids will have a certain impact on the transmission of the pump, such as the viscosity and PH value of the liquid. Today we will introduce to you what effect the viscosity of the transmission liquid has on the peristaltic pump.

According to experimental analysis, the greater the concentration and viscosity of the transferring liquid, the higher its adhesion and the slower the transmission. As a result, the peristaltic pump tube cannot suck up the liquid, and the pump wheel has idling dry grinding. This phenomenon has caused considerable loss to the service life of the pump and the service life of the peristaltic pump hose.

The effect of liquid viscosity on peristaltic pumps 

  1. Transmission accuracy: due to the high viscosity and strong adhesion of the liquid, the transmission accuracy and flow rate will be reduced.
  2. Life: The occurrence of dry grinding speeds up the loss of life.
  3. For example, in the application of a peristaltic pump in the food industry, when transferring chocolate sauce, and some viscous liquids, when the viscosity reaches a certain level, the transmission will slow down, and the hose sometimes cannot absorb the liquid, resulting in idling of the peristaltic pump. This situation causes great loss of the peristaltic pump and the peristaltic pump hose. The greater the viscosity of the liquid, the greater the accuracy of the transmission. Peristaltic pumps are widely used in the laboratories of various universities, medicine, chemical industry, food, environmental protection and other fields. The BT600S variable-speed peristaltic pump manufacturer introduces the effect of liquid viscosity on the peristaltic pump.

Precautions for using peristaltic pump

  1. Usually when we buy a peristaltic pump, the accuracy is measured by pumping water, and the standard unit is water. The actual accuracy will vary depending on the liquid being transferred.
  2. There are syringe pumps, gear pumps, etc. for liquid transmission equipment. If the nature of the transmission liquid is relatively special, you can consult the sales of Lead Fluid to choose the right equipment for you.
  3. After the pump tube is used for about 220 hours, the hose can be turned over (that is, 90 degree rotation), because after a long time squeezing one side of the tube, it is easy to cause damage to one side, and turning over can increase the service life.