Peristaltic pumps can also be called hose pumps, as a whole, they are not very different. Because their working principles are the same, both rollers squeeze the hose to transfer liquid, but they still have some differences in application.

Peristaltic pump is mainly used in the field of precision transmission, such as medicine, food, laboratory, biology and other fields. It is a device with certain requirements for transmission accuracy.

Hose pump is often used in large equipment, such as industrial field, conveying concrete and other materials.

In general, there is not much contrast between the two. For example, the application industry is different, and no one can say who can replace it. All we need to do is choose a pump that can be used in our industry. With the development of the industry in recent years, peristaltic pumps are also gradually used in coffee machines, dishwashers, ice cream machines, high-end medical instruments, cosmetics packaging, liposuction and other aspects.