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What Is Fluororubber Tube?

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Peristaltic pump is a pump with high cleanliness, because when transferring liquid, the liquid only contacts the tube. When transporting different liquids, we need to match different tube to prevent chemical reaction between the liquid and the inner wall of the tube due to the particularity of the components. Fluororubber tubes play an important role in the application of peristaltic pumps. Let’s explore the relevant knowledge of fluororubber tubes.

1.What is fluororubber tube?

Fluororubber tube is made of fluororubber as raw material. Fluororubber is a synthetic polymer elastomer containing fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain.

In 1948, fluororubber was born in the hands of DuPont company of the United States. It is made of poly-2-fluoro-1.3-butadiene and its copolymer with styrene, propylene, etc., but its performance is not outstanding, and its price is expensive, so it has no practical industrial value.

In the late 1950s, Thiokol company of the United States developed a kind of binary nitroso fluororubber with good low temperature performance and strong oxidant resistance, and fluororubber began to enter practical industrial applications. Since then, with the progress of technology, various new fluororubbers have been developed.

China’s fluororubber industry began around 1958, and a variety of fluororubbers have been successively developed, mainly polyolefin fluororubbers, such as 23, 26, 246 and nitroso fluororubbers. Later, relatively new varieties of tetrapropyl fluoride rubber, perfluoroether rubber and fluorinated phosphorus rubber were developed. These fluororubber varieties have been gradually popularized and applied to civil industrial sectors based on the needs of aviation, aerospace and other defense and military industries.

2.Characteristics of fluororubber tube

Because of the introduction of fluorine atoms, fluororubber tubes have more advantages.

• High temperature resistance

The high temperature resistance of fluororubber can be said to be the best among elastomers. It can work continuously at temperatures as high as 204 ℃, and at the same time, the black tube body can protect the transported light sensitive materials.

• Aging resistance

Fluororubber has excellent weather aging resistance and ozone resistance. It will not crack and age prematurely under the influence of ozone, sunlight and bad weather. It has high flexibility and elasticity.

• Chemical stability

Fluororubber has high chemical stability and is the best medium resistance among all elastomers. It can resist the corrosion of chemical substances, oil, fuel and volume, and is the ideal pump pipe for use in harsh environments.

3. Application of fluororubber tube


Fluororubber tubes can be used in the fields of strong corrosive liquid transmission, analytical instruments, laboratories, etc., especially in the dry cleaning liquid pipeline and solvent recovery system (other hoses are not applicable in this situation), and can also provide food grade formula design.

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