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What is a microfluidic chip and which type of pump is mainly used?

micro syringe pump

Let’s talk about the microfluidic chip. What industry is it mainly used in?

The microfluidic chip is a device used for microfluidic research, and the basic structural unit is a microchannel with micrometer-level depth and width, This constitutes a microchannel network, and integrates microstructures, microvalves, micropumps, micro reservoirs, microelectrodes, microdetectors, microcontrols and microprocessing units according to different needs to form a complete microfluidic chip system.

Microfluidic chips have many advantages such as improving automation capabilities, shortening analysis time, and reducing sample and reagent consumption.

Can be widely used in medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and other fields (such as cell culture, organ chip, DNA analysis, laboratory on a chip, droplet microfluidics, etc.

In the above description, the micro pump is mentioned. What role does the microfluidic chip play in the system, and which type of pump is mainly used?

The main feature of the microfluidic chip system is the microchannel network of various configurations. By manipulating the microfluid in the channel, the analysis function of the chip system is completed. The microfluidic drive system is the prerequisite and basis for the realization of microfluidic control.

At present, the fluid drive system used in the microfluidic analysis system is mainly a micro syringe pump.

micro syringe pump

The micro syringe pump has the advantages of stable driving flow and large adjustable range, and the average flow rate in the device will not change due to the actual change of the flow resistance of the device. Such as Lead Fluid Micro Syringe Pump.  It is the application of microfluidic chip system.

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