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What Can Help Us Achieve A Low-Carbon Life?

The rapid development of modern industry, the rapid increase of urban population and the rapid growth of coal and petroleum fuel consumption are the main factors causing air pollution. Environmental monitoring of pollution sources is an important work to achieve the goal of low-carbon life.Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is widely used in environmental protection industry, such as continuous emission monitoring system. Let’s explore how dose Lead Fluid peristaltic pump works in this instrument.

1.What is flue gas continuous emission monitoring system?

The flue gas continuous emission monitoring system can continuously monitor the concentration and total emission of gaseous pollutants and particles discharged by air pollution sources, and transmit the information to the competent department in real time. Through on-site sampling, the concentration of pollutants in flue gas is measured, and the parameters such as flue gas temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity and oxygen content are measured, and the emission rate and amount of flue gas pollutants are calculated.

2.Flue gas monitoring problems

The measurement environment of flue gas is generally harsh. The temperature and humidity of many sulfur-containing flue gas are high. Sulfur-containing flue gas is easy to dissolve in water vapor, resulting in the deviation of measurement data.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, we must take the dry flue gas in the standard state after removing water vapor as the benchmark, and then detect the data of harmful substances in the flue gas.

After the sample gas enters the analysis cabinet, it is necessary to quickly separate the water gas in the sample gas through the dehumidification system, discharge the condensate, reduce the water content in the sample gas, and make the sample gas entering the analyzer assembly dry gas to meet the sampling requirements of the analyzer.

3.Lead Fluid Peristaltic pump assists condensate discharge

Gas monitoring needs to strictly ensure the tightness of the monitoring system. Therefore, the condensate discharge system is required to be well sealed to prevent external air from entering the condenser through the drainage system and affecting the composition of sample gas. Dehumidification system is generally composed of condenser, sampling pump, peristaltic pump and relevant alarm and control components. Peristaltic pump is mainly used for condensate discharge.

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has good air tightness, which can avoid liquid back flow and siphon. The peristaltic pump has no valves and seals, which can effectively prevent external air from entering the condenser through the drainage system and make the gas analysis results more accurate.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has strong self-priming capacity and is suitable for vacuum environment. The minimum pressure is -0.95bar (g), which can effectively discharge condensate and has low maintenance cost.

The service life of the Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is longer. The peristaltic pump has low shear force. When transmitting the fluid containing solid particles, it will not be stuck and blocked, which will not affect the service life of the peristaltic pump.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can effectively avoid gas corrosion. When transmitting fluid, the fluid only contacts the inner cavity of the hose. Through the pump pipe of corrosion-resistant material, it can be used to transmit corrosive condensate for a long time.

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