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The Journey of Making Instant Coffee

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Coffee is very common in daily life, especially instant coffee, which is a “sharp weapon” for refreshing . Coffee is made with coffee beans as raw materials. The production process needs to go through the steps of pretreatment – roasting – grinding – extraction – concentration – drying, and the peristaltic pump plays an important role in the “drying” step.

Drying is the forming process of instant coffee powder and also the process that has the greatest impact on the quality of coffee powder. Generally, spray drying equipment is used to directly dry the liquid into powder, that is, atomize the feed liquid and spray it into droplets to disperse in the hot air. The feed liquid is fully contacted with the hot air, so that the water can quickly evaporate to achieve the drying purpose.

In this process, the role of the tool pump as the control of the injection volume cannot be ignored. The speed of the injection will affect the shape of the droplet, and it is not easy to form if it is too fast; If it is too slow, it is easy to precipitate and block the pipeline. Therefore, the peristaltic pump that does not need any valve and sealing device and can adjust the flow at any time is the best choice.

The product series of Lead Fluid speed regulating and flow type peristaltic pump fully meets the requirements of drying and granulating equipment for sample injection pump, and has a high degree of automation, which can be used together with other equipment, increasing the stability and consistency in the production process.

Lead Fluid Flow Variable Peristaltic Pump

Recommended products: BT100L/BT300L/BT600L

Flow range:

BT100L: 0.0001~720ml/min

BT300L: 0.006~1690ml/min

BT600L: 0.006~2900ml/min

Simple operation

*Equipped with a colorful touch screen and button operation, which is intuitive.

*Flow and time working modes, and can input related parameters.

*The flow and time allocation can store five sets of allocation parameters.

Lead Fluid Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

Recommended products: BT100S/BT300S/BT600S

Flow range:

BT100S: 0.0001~720ml/min

BT300S: 0.006~1690ml/min

BT600S: 0.006~2900ml/min


Adopt imported core processor, high-quality stepper servo motor drive, stable operation, speed control accuracy up to ± 0.2%.

More application fields:

1.Food industry: sugar, spices, milk powder, condiments, etc.

2.Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine extract, tablet granules, capsule granules, low-sugar or sugar-free Chinese patent medicines granules.

3.Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizer, pigments, dyes, etc.