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The Application of Peristaltic Pump in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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In the production process of chemical pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, sterility and precise transmission are basic requirements. The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump provides guarantee for the entire production process through the following aspects:

1.High cleanliness fluid pipeline for easy cleaning and sterilization

2.The pipeline can be used once or repeatedly

3.Stable transmission and accurate measurement

4.Reliable and precise, with high filling accuracy

5.The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, without dead corners, valves, and extremely low residue

6.Flexible scalability

7.Low shear force, retaining the integrity of the material

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has high transmission and quantitative accuracy, without the need for flow meter assistance. The transmission accuracy of Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can reach ± 0.5%, ensuring the stability of the production process and product quality.

Our peristaltic pump only has sterile pipelines in contact with materials, ensuring complete isolation from external sources of pollution. Our sanitary hoses comply with USP Class VI and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 standards, can be cleaned with hot water or distilled water, can be disinfected with high temperature and high pressure, ultraviolet radiation, ethylene oxide, gamma ray sterilization, and support CIP and SIP. Only the pump pipe is a consumable material and is very convenient to replace. In most cases, replacing the hose only takes less than a minute.

Our peristaltic pump provides efficient and safe solutions for numerous pharmaceutical processes:

  1. Biological fermentation

Transmission and quantitative extraction of culture medium

Sampling and Collection

PH control, nutrient solution, defoamer, buffer and other liquid feed during fermentation

Extraction and separation of fermentation products, such as ultrafiltration, tangential flow filtration, chromatography, clarification, etc

Transportation of fermentation broth separation products

  1. Drug synthesis and material transportation

Sterile transportation of raw material solutions

Accurately control the feeding speed, dosage, and proportion of synthetic raw materials

Separation and purification

Rapid transportation and packaging of formulations

Our peristaltic pump’s flow rate ranges from a few microliters per minute to 4000 liters per hour, meeting the pumping needs from early research and development to later mass production. It can provide a transmission accuracy of ± 0.5%, and if an automated system is formed, it can run continuously for one month while maintaining the same accuracy.

  1. High precision filling
  • High precision encapsulation of vaccines
  • Bulk filling of eye drops, oral liquids, etc
  • Buffer filling
  • Sterilized filling of freeze-dried powder
  • Filling Ampoule Bottles

Our specialized filling peristaltic pump can be manually operated or matched with an automatic filling production line. The application of touch screen makes parameter and flow correction very simple. Our pump does not require a one-way valve and has a self-locking function, preventing siphonage and dripping. You can customize the filling speed and acceleration/deceleration curve based on the characteristics of the medicine, which can efficiently fill while avoiding splashing.

The peristaltic pump filling system achieves expanded flexibility, from 1 filling head to 4, 12, 24 or even more, with any increase or decrease in filling heads according to your efficiency and installation space.

The Lead Fluid micro lift peristaltic pump is a more efficient filling pump that can achieve high-precision filling from 0.1 milliliters to 30 milliliters. The repetition error value of 0.2 milliliters is less than 5 microliters, and the repetition error value of 1 milliliter is less than 10 microliters. The pump tube can work continuously for 30 days without replacement, and 24-hour continuous operation does not require flow correction. It can completely replace traditional filling pumps such as piston pumps, plunger pumps, ceramic pumps, and solenoid valves.

Factors that affect accuracy

  1. Motor accuracy
  2. Pump head machining accuracy and stability
  3. Pipe thickness
  4. The length, thickness, and liquid level of the pipeline
  5. Liquid characteristics: viscosity, temperature, particulate matter
  6. 6. Coating and granulation machines

Efficient coating machine supply for small-scale, pilot, and batch production

Multi functional fluidized bed feeding for experimental and production purposes

Feed from fluidized bed granulation dryer

Our peristaltic pump delivers smoothly and with low pulsation, providing confidence in the uniform thickness and high strength of the coating layer of the tablet, as well as the production of particles with uniform particle size distribution.

The flexible scalability of the peristaltic pump can simultaneously supply liquid to 1-10 atomizing spray guns, with a small space occupation and only a lower cost.