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The Application of Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pumps in Purification Filtration

application of peristaltic pump

At present, Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pumps mainly used in the pre-processing stage of laboratory samples to provide continuous and stable liquid and positive pressure for small-scale filtration/purification devices in small-scale and pilot-scale research and development to accurately control liquid volume and speed.

Common devices such as:
1. Disc or capsule filter 2. Tangential flow ultrafiltration system 3. Chromatography column 4. Protein purification column 5. Solid phase extraction cartridge, etc

BT300F peristaltic pump



Δ Purification Filtration

Purification: the process by which an aggregate of multiple substances is transformed into one type or one substance through physical, chemical or biological methods.

In chemistry, purification is a very comprehensive concept, including processes that can separate and purify all mixtures. Common methods of separation and purification of substances such as distillation, extraction, crystallization and recrystallization, filtration, etc.

Filtration: It is the process of purifying and purifying the fluid through special equipment. There are many ways to filter, and the materials used are also very wide. Solid-liquid, solid-gas, large particles and small particles are all common.

Filtration is the liquid or gas in the suspension or the heating gas containing solid particles through the medium under the action of driving force or other external forces, and the solid particles and other substances are intercepted by the filter medium, so that the solid and other substances and the liquid or gas separation operation.

Commonly used filtration methods include atmospheric filtration, reduced pressure filtration, hot filtration, etc

Δ Solution
A complete product line, a strong technical team, and rich application experience can ensure that we provide customers with complete, reliable and reasonable solutions:

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can provide 0.0001-13000ml/min or even faster flow rate, output pressure ≤0.3Mpa, to meet different liquid handling efficiency requirements.

Can provide a fully automatic pressure adjustment system with peristaltic pump to monitor pipeline pressure in real time to ensure the safety of the experimental device and the operator.

Recommended reference model

WG600S: flow range 400-13000ml/min, Matching 200~300mm disc filter

BT600S or BT600L, flow range 0.006~2900ml/min, Supporting Millipore/Pall Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System

BT103S, flow range 0.006~380ml/min, Supporting chromatography column/protein purification column, etc.

As a manufacturer with more than 20 years of research and development, production technology and experience, Lead Fluid maintains close contact with many scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians to ensure that it provides customers with complete, reliable and reasonable solutions. Regardless of whether it is in the private industry, colleges or universities or project sites, although the requirements are different, Lead Fluid can provide unique and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of various industries and ensure safety-related requirements.