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The Application of Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump in Seed Coating

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps are widely used in agriculture, biotechnology, filtration, chemical, environment industries etc.Seed coating technology is one of the widely used in agricultural industry.

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Seed coating is a kind of high-tech agricultural production technology that can greatly increase production by improving the adaptability of seeds to the production environment. Seed coating technology, including seed coating technology and seed pelleting technology. According to the requirements of seed characteristics and planting environment, a certain proportion of nutrient, insecticide, sterilizing agent, growth regulator, trace element, slow-release agent, colorant, filler and film-forming agent and other seed coating agents are evenly distributed coated on the surface of seeds to make the seeds into small balls or basically keep the original state. After sowing, with the gradual development of the embryo in the seed and the continuous growth of the seedling, the various effective ingredients of the seed coating agent are slowly released and gradually absorbed into the body by the seed seedling, to achieve the prevention of seedling diseases and insect pests, promote growth and development, and improve crops the purpose of output.

Since seed coating has the characteristics of comprehensive prevention and control, low toxicity and high efficiency, saving seeds and medicine, protecting the environment, and high input-output ratio, it has become a technical trend to increase agricultural output. The seed coating machine is mainly composed of a seed quantitative supply system, a seed coating agent quantitative supply system, a mixing and stirring system, a discharge system and an electrical control system.The basic working principle is: seed and seed coating agent are added to the mixing room at the same time. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal disk or high-speed air flow in the mixing room, the two are fully contacted with mixing and stirring, and then discharged through the discharge port.

The traditional dosing system of seed coating agent is composed of medicine storage barrel, plunger pump and flow meter and control circuit. The system has complex structure, inconvenient operation, high cost, and maintenance is cumbersome, and people urgently need to find a better solution.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can solve this problem, Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has the following advantages:

1.Simple structure, the entire pipeline can use elastic tubing, and has self-locking characteristics, without complicated joints and valves.

2.Peristaltic pump has high precision stepper motor or servo motor, flow accuracy can reach ±0.5%. The function of liquid supply pump and flow meter,such as Lead Fluid BT101L/301L/601L intelligent flow peristaltic pump.

3.The seed coating agent is only in contact with the peristaltic pump hose and is not contaminated by the external environment; and the inner wall of the pump tube is smooth and there is no hygienic dead angle, which can ensure a relatively high purity of the seed coating agent.

4.Simple maintenance, when the pipeline is contaminated or blocked, only need to replace a pump tube, the entire maintenance time does not exceed one minute.

5.The feeding speed can be easily adjusted,flow range of peristaltic pump can be freely controlled from 0.006-13000mL/min.

6.easy to operate, can directly set the peristaltic pump flow, visual and intuitive.

7.RS485 communication can be combined with upper computer PLC, man-machine, frequency converter, etc., to form an automatic feeding system.

8.Through a series of optimized configurations, continuous and stable feed transfer and long line life can be achieved to minimize maintenance.