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The Application of Lead Fluid Filling Peristaltic Pump in NAT

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 What is NAT(nucleic acid testing)?

Nucleic acid is a biological macromolecular compound formed by the polymerization of many nucleotide monomers. It is a general name for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) and it is one of the most basic substances of life.

Viruses are mainly composed of genetic material and proteins. The genetic material of a virus is a genome composed of one or more nucleic acid molecules.The new coronavirus is an RNA virus, and its genetic material is single-stranded RNA.

Nucleic acid testing is the diagnosis of clinical etiology by analyzing DNA or RNA genetic sequences of pathogenic microorganisms under laboratory conditions.

At present, two conventional methods are used for NAT, one is real-time fluorescence RT-PCR test, and the other is viral gene sequencing. The RT-PCR test can get the test results faster and meet the current epidemic prevention and control requirements, so it has become the most important test method.

The application of Lead Fluid dispensing system peristaltic pump and micro syringe pump filling system in NAT.

The key to the normal operation of RT-PCR nucleic acid testing is to have qualified nucleic acid testing reagents. This reagent can quickly detect the nucleic acid of new coronavirus in respiratory specimens or blood specimens, which is an important basis for diagnosing whether to infect new coronavirus.

In the manufacturing process of nucleic acid testing reagents, filling the reagents into the detection kit is an important part.The single hole capacity generally ranges from tens of microliters to several milliliters, and the volume of different reagents in the same kit has a fixed ratio.

This filling process requires relatively high technology,

The first is the high level of hygiene. The whole production process is carried out in the high clean workshop. All the places that are in contact with the reagent must not be contaminated, and it is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

The second is the high precision, according to the different capacity, the accuracy requirements in ±0.2%~±1%.

The third is high efficiency, which usually requires 6 to 18 channels to be filled at the same time, and a cycle is completed in 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.

In general, peristaltic pumps are suitable for filling from 100 uL to 10 mL, and micro syringe pumps are suitable for filling from 10 to 1000 uL.

These two products can directly set the filling volume and speed, and can work once after receiving the trigger signal of the upper computer. Of course, if there is no upper computer, add a small amount of accessories, it can be converted into a semi-automatic manual filling machine with convenient operation.

Lead Fluid best selling products:DS600S-X multichannel dispensing system peristaltic pump and micro syringe pump filling system DF30-G .They have three advantages mentioned above,the high level of hygiene,high precision, high efficiency. Due to the advantages, Lead Fluid filling &dispensing peristaltic pumps are widely used in the precise dispensing of reagents for the detection of new Coronavirus Pneumonia nucleic acids testing during the outbreak.