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Suction Lift for Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump

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The peristaltic pump is fully enclosed during operation. The peristaltic pump has a strong self-priming ability. Theoretically, the large suction range of water transmission under an atmospheric force can reach 10.339 meters, but due to the surface tension of the medium in the pipeline The flow rate of the peristaltic pump under actual conditions will be attenuated by resistance and other influences. Lead Fluid has repeatedly tested and found that for the suction stroke of the peristaltic pump, we recommend a range of less than 8 meters. The suction lift is related to pump head, tube and the medium. If there is a high demand for the suction lift, you can choose a hose with a thinner inner diameter and a thicker wall, and at the same time choose a driver with a higher speed.

What is the impact on the flow rate of the peristaltic pump?

      What is the suction lift of a peristaltic pump can also be understood as the ” ability of self-priming”. The suction lift of the peristaltic pump refers to the vertical height between the liquid level at the outlet of the fluid to be delivered and the pump head of the peristaltic pump. Because the peristaltic pump relies on the rollers of pump head continuously squeeze the tube to form a vacuum. At the same time, the fluid is transported to the designated container due to atmospheric pressure, which can produce self-priming.

      The head refers to the height at which the pump can lift water, which is an important performance parameter of the peristaltic pump. It can be expressed as the increase of the pressure energy head of the fluid.

If you forcibly set a high suction lift, then there will be many small bubbles on the inner wall of the peristaltic pump tube within the suction lift. This is because the air permeability of the tube causes the outside air to enter the tube through the tube. When using high suction lift, you need to replace tube with very poor air permeability to avoid dialysis. In addition, the suction lift of the peristaltic pump will also be changed by the viscosity of the delivered fluid. Therefore, in actual work, we try to set the suction lift of the peristaltic pump to the minimum as much as possible, while reducing the length of the peristaltic pump tube to avoid the attenuation of the peristaltic pump flow due to high suction lift.

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