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The Pump Moves With Your Heart, Love Is All The Reasons And Answers.

Crossing the extraordinary 2020, we ushered in 2021. For the coming future, for work and life, I believe everyone has a new understanding and expectations.

In 2020, everyone starts in the kitchen, dining room, living room and study. Video and WeChat have almost become the only channel for external connections. Over the years, there was a huge noise. When the pause button was pressed in the whole society, Lead Fluid never felt flustered or sentimental.



At the beginning of the epidemic, the Lead Fluid people faced the difficulties and made their best efforts to ensure the production and delivery of the epidemic, and ensure the quality and quantity of supply. In the daily work of each day, the people of Lead Fluid are working day and night in the front line of scientific research, making unremitting efforts for R&D and innovation. No matter which department or person, after encountering problems, they can always communicate in time to solve them in the shortest time, ensuring the efficient operation of the entire company.

Lead Fluid’s retrogrades have practiced our core values along the way: more effort, more courage, and more communication.

From the deserted killings in early 2020 to the busy traffic in 2021, it is like a dream, like a world away. There is tea in the cup in the house, books in the hand, and the bustling traffic outside the window. Perhaps winter has not passed so quickly, and the cold wind is still piercing through the bones, but the love of life in people’s hearts brightly illuminates the front. This is just like Lead Fluid’s corporate vision: Lead Fluid with new vitality, pumps moving with heart!

Eleven years have passed. Lead Fluid’s technology is constantly innovating, products of peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, gear pumps, ODM pumps are constantly being updated, and talents are constantly being introduced and supplemented. Like the rising sun of east, Lead Fluid products always lead the industry, and Lead Fluid people are also full of vigor and perseverance. Each of these Lead Fluid people is indispensable. They devote all their body and mind. They are dedicated, diligent and conscientious. They do a good job of every pump and treat every customer with their heart. Only Lead Fluid wons every year with dozens of patents, customers can keep Lead Fluid in mind, and only then can Lead Fluid’s products spread all over the world.

Today, eleven years later, at this moment, the years seem unharmed, and the world is only ordinary.

peristaltic pump test

The progress of science and technology is changing with each passing day. The effective period of the strategy, the life cycle of the product, and the window to win customers’ time are all rapidly changing. This is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity.

Drucker said: “The greatest danger in a turbulent era is not the turmoil itself, but still using the logic of the past to do things.” Although affected by the epidemic, competition in all walks of life is still intensifying, and innovation in models and content has never stopped.

We are eager to win, and at the same time we need to constantly ask ourselves, “There are thousands of people who understand the truth and want to do things, so why are you?  “What is the mission of Lead Fluid Development”? “What is the significance of Lead Fluid’s existence”?  We need to study what we do today to have a future.

To make the transmission of small and micro fluids more precise and simple-this is what Lead Fluid is doing today, the meaning of Lead Fluid’s existence, and the mission of Lead Fluid’s development. We do not simply manufacture peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps ,gear pump and ODM pumps, but to make the transmission of small and micro fluids more convenient and accurate, we continue to innovate in products and technologies, let more people understand this field, and make the development of this industry faster, higher and stronger.

This year, we are constantly improving, we are full of vigor, we want to spread our wings, we see the peaks and valleys.

The curtain of 2021 has already begun. We will make 100% efforts with a zero-return mentality. In the new year, we hope that the past will be cleared and the future can be expected. The winter has passed, and the galaxy is bright. The mountains and rivers remain the same, and the seas are clear.


A generation will eventually get old, but there will always be someone who is young, and Lead Fluid will always be young and full of vitality. The new generation will always inspire us. They make people see the hope for the future. They are working hard to practice the core values of Lead Fluid. They are going all out for Lead Fluid’s vision. They take Lead Fluid’s mission as own mission. And love is all the reasons and answers, and Lead Fluid is the constant love in our hearts.