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Lead Fluid ODM Pumps Assist in Precise and Stable Operation of Flow Cytometers

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In the field of life sciences, flow cytometry has enabled humans to analyze and sort human cells for the first time, and has also created the possibility of successfully curing cancer through cutting-edge and hot cell therapy and gene therapy. At the same time, it is rapidly being applied in grassroots hospitals in China, with the potential to significantly improve diagnostic and treatment efficiency.

What is flow cytometer?

Flow Cytometer is a commonly used single cell, multi parameter, high-throughput detection instrument. The sample is compressed and focused on a streamline through sheath fluid, allowing cells to queue up and pass through the laser detection area one by one. The detector receives scattered light signals and fluorescence signals emitted by cells to analyze cell characteristics. This not only measures the size, shape, and internal particle characteristics of cells, but also accurately determines important parameters such as antigen on the cell surface, DNA and RNA content inside the cell.
The strength of flow cytometry lies in its ability to quantify the physical properties of individual cells in heterogeneous cell populations, which requires a flow system to transport a large number of cells to flow cytometry instruments to generate statistically significant data. To obtain accurate counting and measurement, the cell flow entering and flowing through the instrument must be stable and consistent. If the sample injection is inconsistent and the cell alignment is incorrect, it can lead to significant data diffusion and affect the final data result. It can be said that the fluid flow system is the lifeblood of flow cytometry.

(Working diagram of the fluid flow system in a flow cytometer)

In flow cytometry, there are various driving methods for sheath fluid and sample fluid, and currently, peristaltic pumps are commonly used instead of traditional air pumps, aiming to provide more stable and accurate liquid driving.

Customer Demand

A certain biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to providing excellent hematological testing and diagnostic instruments, reagents, and services for in vitro diagnostic users.
In order to meet the pursuit of miniaturization and high efficiency in the market for flow cytometers, we are seeking a peristaltic pump as the liquid propulsion power source for flow cytometers, used for the transportation of samples and sheath fluid in flow systems.

Lead Fluid Solution

The Lead Fluid team conducted in-depth research on customer needs and tailored the ODM product – Lead Fluid KD15- based on the special requirements of flow rate, pressure, and other aspects of the flow cytometer, to meet the smaller and more stable fluid delivery requirements of customers.

*Continuous and stable transportation, while accurately quantifying sample flow.
The Lead Fluid KD15 adopts a specially designed roller and a unique pressure tube structure, significantly reducing pulsation and making the flow more precise and stable. This feature extends the service life of the hose and makes it an ideal choice for precise liquid addition and discharge in various instruments and equipment.

*High repeatability ensures the reliability of data results
The Lead KD15 covers a wide range of flow rates, ranging from 0.003 to 194mL/min, meeting different experimental and application needs. Its design and working principle can provide excellent high repeatability, ensuring consistent and reliable data results.

*Compact and compact in size, easy to install
The appearance design of the Lead Fluid KD15 is exquisite and beautiful, with a compact structure and minimal installation space requirements, adapting to the miniaturization trend of flow cytometry.

*Low shear transport of cells and particles, less prone to pollution
The working principle of the Lead Fluid KD15 ensures low shear transport of cells and particles, minimizing the possibility of contamination.

Data Display

(Important reminder: For longer tube life, use thick tube and low speeds; If a large flow rate is required, use a thick tube and high speed; For higher accuracy, use thin tubes and medium to high speeds; If higher suction and back pressure are required, use thinner thick walled tubes and lower rotational speeds.)

Customer Feedback

The product manager stated:
The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump provides excellent liquid delivery solutions for our flow cytometers, greatly enhancing the stability and reliability of our products. We are very satisfied with the professional product customization and efficient communication of the Lead Fluid team, which gives us confidence in future cooperation.

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