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Lead Fluid High Precision WSP3000 Microliter Peristaltic Pump

Lead Fluid WSP

Nowadays, there are high-precision requirements for liquid filling, analysis and testing, etc. in these industrial applications. The problems of insufficient filling accuracy, large errors, and poor accuracy are also problems that the industry and the market need to solve. In practical applications It may lead to more problems, such as insufficient precision and large errors in medical filling, resulting in the mixing of undesirable substances in batch products, which will not only cause huge property losses, but also serious phytotoxicity incidents, insufficient precision in food filling Problems such as high and large errors can lead to a large amount of waste of materials and even food poisoning.

Lead Fluid WSP3000 microliter peristaltic pump has many advantages, this article mainly talks about its irreplaceable, unique high precision and accuracy.

Lead Fluid WSP

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  1. High filling accuracy and repeatability: the error can be less than ±0.2%, the error of filling 10μl is <±0.1μl, and the error of 100μl is <±0.5μl, which is in the leading position in the industry.
  2. High-precision servo motor drive, not only can achieve high-precision fluid transmission, but also can be maintenance-free, saving users time, energy and money, and consider all aspects for users
  3. Ultra-high stability: The pump tube runs continuously for 12 hours, and the volume attenuation is less than 1%. It does not need calibration for one day, which greatly saves manpower and time.

The emergence of Lead Fluid WSP peristaltic pump is like thunder in spring, breaking people’s conventional understanding of peristaltic pumps. It has reached unprecedented heights in terms of high precision, high efficiency, and high stability. The current epidemic situation has directly helped nucleic acid reagents. Box, the development and production of the new crown vaccine has contributed to human life and health.