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How To Solve The Problems In The Process Of Using Peristaltic Pump?

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Peristaltic pump is widely used in various industries because it can accurately transfer liquid. In the process of using the peristaltic pump, you may encounter the following problems: how to solve the pulse problem of the peristaltic pump?How to prevent the pump tube from breaking due to excessive pressure? How to operate the buttons with inconvenient hands? Don’t worry, the solution is coming!


#Pulse suppression – pulse damper

As we all know, due to the special structure of peristaltic pumps, most peristaltic pumps will generate pulses during the pumping process, and the pulses will cause flow instability.The unique double-sided flexible buffer film design is adopted for the Lead Fluid ZN100 pulse damper to absorb the pulsating flow in the fluid transmission pipeline, effectively suppress the pulse fluctuation in the pipeline and make the fluid transmission more stable.

It is equipped with multiple thickness buffer diaphragms, and the flow application range is wider. It has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and explosion-proof function. This product is suitable for low flow application scenarios and can be used in equipment, instruments, laboratories, etc.


#Monitoring pipe pressure – pressure sensor

In the process of liquid transmission, are you afraid that the peristaltic pump tube will suddenly break due to excessive pressure?Lead Fluid pressure sensor can detect pipeline pressure to prevent hose rupture and damage to other external equipment due to high pressure.

The peristaltic pump is connected through the external control line, and the pressure alarm threshold can be set. When the detected value of the pressure sensor reaches the alarm threshold, the peristaltic pump will automatically stop, so as to fully ensure the stability of liquid transmission.


#Free hands – foot switch

In some special working scenarios, it is not convenient for the user to operate the peristaltic pump control button with both hands. At this time, an external switch that can replace both hands is needed.The Lead Fluid foot switch is made of high-strength carbon steel plate, and the anti-corrosion outer layer is baked. The wear resistance is very nice. Long service life, mechanical ≥ 1 million times, electrical ≥ 100000 times.

Light touch front stepping design, clear touch. Instantaneous switch, 24K gold-plated contact, very reliable. It can cooperate with the whole series of products of Leifu to control the start and stop of peristaltic pump and fully free hands.

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