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How To Prolong The Life Of A Peristaltic Pump?

When we buy a peristaltic pump, We hope that the service life of the peristaltic pump will be longer

  1. Reasonable selection

When selecting the peristaltic pump, it is recommended that the actual flow rate is within the 20%-80% range of the theoretical flow rate. Because when the conveying liquid has a certain viscosity or the pipeline is long, the negative pressure discharge pressure generated by the soft pump tubing is relatively small, which will cause the loss of the actual flow.

Reasonable choice of peristaltic pump tubing. A special tubing must be used on the pump head, and ordinary pipes can be selected for the remaining connecting tubing.

2. Skills

Because the suction force of the peristaltic pump is produced by the rebound of the pump tube, if the caliber becomes smaller or the tubing is too long, it will cause excessive resistance at the suction end. If the resistance is too large, the rebound of the pump tube will be blocked, and the actual flow of delivery will be greatly lost. . Therefore, the inlet of the peristaltic pump tube should be as short as possible, and the joint and caliber of the tubing should not be lower than the caliber of the card tube installed in the pump head.

A peristaltic pump tube cannot withstand all types of fluids. It is necessary to confirm whether the fluid being transported will corrode the pump tube. It can be compared through the chemical compatibility table, or through the immersion experiment, to ensure that the pump tube can be adapted to transport fluid.

       3. Maintenance method

The peristaltic pump tube is a vulnerable part, and the wear of the pump tube needs to be checked regularly. Once the pump tube is damaged, it will cause fluid leakage. Check the surface of the pump tube to see if there is an early grinding hole. If necessary, replace it as soon as possible.

When the peristaltic pump is not working, lift the pressure block of the pump head to make the pump tube in a natural unstressed state, which can effectively prolong the service life of the pump tube.

      4. Daily maintenance

Regular maintenance of the peristaltic pump can effectively improve the working efficiency and service life of the peristaltic pump. The maintenance of the peristaltic pump is simple, and only simple daily lubrication is required. In order to keep the roller shaft in a good lubrication state, the roller bearing should be lubricated with grease every six months or so.