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How to Choose Filling and Dispensing Peristaltic Pump?

Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump reliable choice for liquid dispensing, peristaltic pump is a kind of precision fluid transmission and processing equipment with controllable flow rate. It has the characteristics of high flow control accuracy, simple operation and easy maintenance,  low shear force,  corrosion resistance, and can avoid cross contamination between liquids. It is more and more widely used in various industries.

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the solution of Lead Fluid peristaltic pump.

  1. Market demand

In the industries of medicines, IVD reagents, food, cosmetics, and biopharmaceuticals, there is often a demand for liquid dispensing and bottle filling such as freeze-dried powder injections, vaccines, eye drops, oral liquids, soy sauce, edible oil, makeup remover, essential oils, medium.

The liquid is neutral or weakly corrosive, with good fluidity.

The dispensing volume is usually 10 uL to5000ml, and 1-24 bottles or more are dispensing and  filling at the same time each time.

The operation method is generally supporting automatic filling production line or semi-manual manual operation.

2. Solution

Lead Fluid has a complete product line, a strong technical team, and rich application experience, which can ensure that we provide customers with complete, reliable and reasonable solutions.

Lead Fluid precision peristaltic pump can meet the high-precision dispensing needs of 200 uL-5000 ml and above.

The filling volume range of MLP series microliter peristaltic pump is 1μl~10ml. High accuracy and repeat accuracy, filling 10μl error <±0.2μl, 100μl error <±1μl, 10ml<±0.4%, high filling efficiency .The productivity can reach 60 bottles/minute, continuous operation for 12 hours, the load attenuation is less than 1%, no calibration is required for one day ,the hose life can reach 600H.

Lead Fluid industrial syringe pump can meet the extremely high-precision dispensing of 10 uL- 20 mL

It is recommended to use Lead Fluid professional peristaltic pump filling system and syringe pump filling system when supporting the automatic filling production line.

Semi-manual manual operation, it is recommended to use Lead Fluid standard peristaltic pump, industrial syringe pump, and the filling system can also be used for multiple channels

Recommended model: BT600F Intelligent Dispensing Peristaltic Pump, G3030-1S Industrial Syringe Pump, DS600  Filling System Peristaltic Pump

3. Feature

The color touch screen is simple and convenient to input filling parameters; multiple parameters are displayed on one screen at the same time, which is intuitive.

The peristaltic pump has a variety of functions such as slow start, slow stop, suck back, stop filling for lack of bottles, signal feedback, etc., to ensure the high precision and reliability of the dispensing.

The multi-channel filling system can individually control the parameters and operation of each channel and it can either dispense the same liquid volume at the same time, or dispense different liquid volumes at the same time.

Each dispensing channel can be individually calibrated and fine-tuned online to ensure the long-term stability of the dispensing accuracy.

Strong compatibility, can be matched with various types of upper computers (such as PLC, man-machine, single-chip microcomputer, frequency converter, contact switch, etc.).

Powerful circuit anti-interference ability, even if other large-scale equipment runs together, it can filter out various invalid signals such as grid harmonics and induced static electricity

4. Limitation

In principle, if the transmission liquid is too viscous, the accuracy of the transmission will be significantly reduced.

In structure, the material of the peristaltic pump is very soft, and the pressure that can withstand is not large, generally normal pressure, so once the container has pressure requirements, special treatment must be carried out.

A general pump will produce a pulse flow during operation, and a peristaltic pump is no exception. Because it is essentially a kind of pump, it will also produce a pulse flow during operation, so we need to use a pulse suppressor to Alleviate this situation.

Lead Fluid has always adhered to ingenuity to provide customers with better solutions and more reliable choices in liquid dispensing applications, professional technical consultant.