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How many types of peristaltic pump motor are there?

The motor is an important part of the peristaltic pump drive. Different peristaltic pump models use different peristaltic pump motor. Why can not we use the same peristaltic pump motor? How many types of peristaltic pump motor are there? It is precisely because different peristaltic pump motors have different characteristics that they should be used separately.Now, Lead Fluid pump will introduce you to several commonly used peristaltic pump motors.

1.Peristaltic pump stepper motor

The flow accuracy of the stepper motor is generally 3~5%, and it cannot be calibrated in real time. Generally, a speed frequency is set and let it run by itself without a feedback mechanism; then the temperature will be higher during use, 80℃ It’s normal when it’s around degrees Celsius, so when you use it, don’t think it’s broken when you see him hot. the peristaltic pump stepper motor will become more and more inaccurate as the fluid increases, which is also normal. of. The above three are the more distinctive features of the peristaltic pump stepper motor, so when you choose, you must choose according to your own situation.

2. Peristaltic pump DC motor

The DC motors are DC servo motors. In this kind of motors, there are also brushed DC servo motors and brushless DC motors. Brush DC motor peristaltic pumps are generally cheaper and easier to adjust the speed. However, the disadvantage is that we have to maintain them frequently. This is one of the disadvantages. This type is generally used in industry or civilian use. Peristaltic pumps with brushless DC motors are very cost-effective. Then there is the DC brushless click with good quality, intelligent control, no maintenance, fast response, and high precision. It’s more expensive

3.Peristaltic pump AC motor

AC motors are similar to brushless DC motors. They are of high quality, but the price is relatively expensive. Research institutes, schools, and complete systems require high flow accuracy. Places with strict requirements on product quality are suitable for use with AC motors and brushless DC.

Advantages of peristaltic pump

1. When transferring fluid, it only flows in the pump tube and does not touch the pump body.

2. The flow accuracy is relatively high, and the unit is from microliters to milliliters.

3. The pump has good self-priming ability, can run idling and prevent backflow.

4. Simple structure, no valves and seals; 5. It can transport fluid in both directions, and will not cause damage to any parts of the pump under the condition of no liquid and dry operation. It can produce a vacuum of up to 98%, it can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed fluids.

6. Low requirements for fluids, and can transport all kinds of materials with abrasive, corrosive, and oxygen sensitive characteristics and various foods.