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How is peristaltic pump used in the field of water resources monitoring?

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In today’s society, with the increase of sewage year by year, the monitoring of natural water resources is becoming more and more important. In the monitoring of natural environmental water quality, it is necessary to sample water samples in the target area. This step is mainly carried out through the water quality sampler. The automatic water quality sampler is an intelligent multi-functional suction water sample bottle sampling device. It mainly realizes timing and quantitative sampling through peristaltic pump.

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Under the control of the control system, the water sample of the automatic water sampler is quantitatively collected into the sampling bottle through the peristaltic pump according to the set procedure, and the low-temperature refrigeration is completed for analysis in the laboratory. That is, the water quality sampler uses a peristaltic pump to squeeze and release the elastic hose, takes the water sample into the instrument, sends the water sample into the sampling bottle through the instrument distribution system, and keeps the water sample temperature constant at 4 ℃ through the thermostatic system, so as to complete the process of automatic collection, automatic distribution and thermostatic preservation of water samples.

Why peristaltic pump is selected for water quality sampler?

The water quality sampler must be clean to avoid the secondary pollution of water samples by the pump body. The peristaltic pump has this advantage, and the cleanliness is very high. In the process of transporting water samples, the liquid only contacts the pump pipe. It can effectively avoid the pollution phenomenon during the collection of water samples, and prevent the corrosion and damage of corrosive water samples to the pump itself.

Secondly, the use cost of the peristaltic pump is low. Because the peristaltic pump has a simple structure, no seals, no valves, and a low failure rate, it can work continuously for a long time.

The peristaltic pump is easy to clean and can be restarted by simply replacing the pump pipe. There is no need to clean the pump body to a large extent, and different kinds of liquids with different components can be collected by replacing the peristaltic tube. The peristaltic pump also has a good self-priming function, which can dry rotate, and can realize long-distance collection and transmission of water samples.

How to maintain peristaltic pump in water quality sampler?

1.During sampling, the position of the sampler shall be as close to the sample source as possible to minimize the suction range;

2.The pump pipe must be of appropriate length. Improper length will shorten the service life of the pump pipe;

3.Before each use of the sampler, carefully check whether the pump pipe is damaged. Before the sampler stops running, clean the hose by pumping clean water to prolong the service life of the pump pipe;

4.Before installing a new pump pipe, remove the residual silicone on the rotor;

5.Regularly check the squeezed part of the pump pipe to prevent the roller from squeezing the pump pipe, resulting in excessive wear or bending damage of the pump pipe, so as to prevent water samples from flowing into the instrument and damaging the motor and circuit.

Water is an indispensable material for human beings and all living things. It is a valuable natural resource for industrial and agricultural production, economic development and environmental improvement. The sustainable use of water resources has a far-reaching impact on the healthy development of China’s economy. The protection of water resources is to protect human beings themselves.