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How Is Peristaltic Pump Used In Chinese Medicine Industry?

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What are the applications of peristaltic pumps in the Chinese medicine industry?

Peristaltic pump is a self-priming pump. When transmitting liquid, the liquid only contacts the tube, so it can well ensure the cleanliness of the liquid. For liquids with different chemical compositions, different peristaltic pump tubes can also be selected for transmission. At the same time, the peristaltic pump can transmit liquid regularly and quantitatively, with convenient operation and high accuracy. Therefore, peristaltic pump is widely used in medical industry.

Lead Fluid company has been paying great attention to human health for many years. Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can help in the fields about traditional Chinese medicine fermentation, medicine tablet coating,  medicine liquid filling and so on. In the future, it is more likely to provide help for the modern new pulse simulation teaching system of traditional Chinese medicine.

Modern traditional Chinese medicine fermentation through microbial fermentation technology, the enzyme system in microorganisms reacts with the complex chemical components of traditional Chinese medicine to produce new active compounds.

Enzyme is a biocatalyst with high catalytic efficiency. It can quickly complete complex biochemical reactions at room temperature and pressure. Microbial fermentation has the advantages of fast reproduction, short cycle and high yield.

Fermentation tank is the main equipment for microbial fermentation. Fermentation tank is a kind of equipment for mechanical mixing and fermentation of materials. The equipment adopts the internal circulation mode, uses the stirring paddle to disperse and break the bubbles, has high dissolved oxygen rate and good mixing effect.

In each production process, the fermentation tank needs to continuously add trace elements such as acid-base solution, culture medium and catalyst to control the fermentation state.

The accuracy of the added trace elements will greatly affect the progress of the fermentation process and the quality of the final product. Therefore, the accuracy of these trace elements must be ensured when they are transported in batches, so a stable and accurate transport pump is needed to complete this task.

high flow rate peristaltic pump

The characteristics of Lead Fluid peristaltic pump are very suitable for fermentation tank. Lead Fluid BT600F distribution peristaltic pump can stably and accurately transport fluid substances to ensure the smooth completion of traditional Chinese medicine fermentation process.

The peristaltic pump has high cleanliness and can ensure the hygiene in the fermentation of traditional Chinese medicine with high standards. When the peristaltic pump is conveying fluid, the fluid is only transmitted in the pump pipe without contacting the pump body and no cleaning dead angle. This is the unique advantage of the peristaltic pump compared with other pumps.

The peristaltic pump also has the characteristics of low shear force, which can ensure the integrity of sensitive biological substances during transportation. At the same time, the peristaltic pump has high precision, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of conveying fluid. Moreover, the peristaltic pump has strong stability, which can also ensure the long-term stable transmission of fluid and help to improve the production efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine fermentation process.

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