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How Is Peristaltic Pump Applied To Chemiluminescence Immunoanalyzer?

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Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has the advantages of small volume, quiet operation, high-definition cleanliness, low pulsation, stable and accurate transmission flow, simple maintenance and lower cost. It is equipped with the chemiluminescent immunoanalyzer, which can effectively improve its work efficiency and accuracy and help the vigorous development of human health.So how do they work ? Let’s explore together

There is a detection instrument with comprehensive functions and wide applications, which can detect tumor markers, thyroid, glucose metabolism, renal function, bone metabolism and other items. It is a strong player among many in vitro detection instruments.It’s chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer.

What is the working principle of the analytical instrument?

The chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer combines the high-sensitivity chemiluminescence detection technology with the high-specific immune reaction. By detecting the luminous intensity of a specific substance, it can quantitatively detect the specific antigen, antibody and other substances in human samples (blood, body fluid, tissue, etc.), obtain clinical diagnosis information, and help medical personnel judge the disease or matrix function.Chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer is widely used for the detection of tumor markers, hormones and other immune items. It adopts the unique magnetic particle technology, super sensitive photomultiplier tube and stable amplification system, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high stability and high accuracy.

What is the workflow of the analytical instrument?

The chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer is mainly composed of turntable module, main probe module, analysis module and liquid circuit module. When the chemiluminescent immunoanalyzer is working, the sample, reagent and magnetic particles are sucked by the main probe and injected into the reaction tube. It is transferred into the incubation belt for incubation and forms an antibody antigen enzyme labeled antibody complex.

The reaction tube is sent to the washing turntable for washing for 2-3 times. During this period, the magnetic particle coating is adsorbed under the action of the electromagnetic field and is washed on the side of the reaction tube. After cleaning, incubate again to strengthen the signal. At this time, photons will be generated and detected by the photocell to finally produce results.

In order to make the detection results truly reflect the actual content of antigen and antibody, the chemiluminescent immunoanalyzer needs a reliable and pollution-free cleaning system to clean the free interfering substances in time. Peristaltic pump can just meet these requires.

How does peristaltic pump transfer liquid?

1.The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is small in size and operates quietly. It is suitable for supporting in the chemiluminescent immunoanalyzer, which can save the volume ratio, basically no noise, and ensure the quietness and preciseness of the working environment of medical personnel.

2.The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has extremely high cleanliness. During the transmission of fluid, the fluid only contacts the inner wall of the hose. The flow path does not need valves and seals, which can prevent biological waste liquid from remaining in the liquid path. Moreover, the hose replacement is extremely simple. It is an ideal choice for the waste liquid discharge pump of the cuvette cleaning system.

3.Low pulsation, stable and accurate transmission flow. The delivered liquid volume is stable, and the pump speed can be controlled to reach the expected flow, so the delivered liquid volume is more accurate and accurate.

4.Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is easy to maintain and has lower cost. There are no other parts such as valves and seals, and the vulnerable parts are only pump pipes. The card structure is very simple to install and replace the pump pipe, which can effectively shorten the equipment maintenance time.

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