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How Is Peristaltic Pump Applied In Coating Pharmaceutical Industry?

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With the improvement of living standards and the growing demand for medical care, the pharmaceutical industry has maintained a rapid development rate. In order to ensure the efficacy and safety of drugs, the demand for high-quality solutions is also increasing. Dampness and oxidation are the two main factors leading to product degradation. Pharmaceutical coating is one of the most important and cutting-edge processes in modern pharmacy, which can effectively alleviate this problem.Peristaltic pump plays an irreplaceable role in the coating pharmaceutical industry.

What is medicament coating?

Pharmaceutical coating refers to coating sugar or other film-forming materials on the outer surface of solid pharmaceutical preparations with a specific process in a specific equipment. After drying, it becomes a layer or layers of multi-functional protective layers with different thickness and elasticity closely adhered to the surface.

Coating can improve the stability of drugs, isolate the incompatible ingredients, improve the recognition, cover up the bad smell of drugs, reduce the irritation of drugs, delay and control the release of drugs, improve the appearance of drugs, enhance the appetite, etc.

Coating process of peristaltic pump power assisted medicament

Pharmaceutical coating is carried out through the coating machine. The coating machine mainly sprays the coating liquid on the rotating material in the form of atomization, and makes the coating liquid dry quickly after contacting the surface of the material through the heating system, and adheres to its surface to form a film coating.

In order to make the coated drug surface fine and smooth, with uniform color and particle size, a peristaltic pump is needed to transfer the coating solution during the coating process.

In the clean and airtight rotating drum of the coating machine, the chip core keeps making complex track movement, turnover is smooth, and exchange is frequent. The coating liquid is sprayed from the imported spray gun to the chip core through the peristaltic pump.

At the same time, the filtered hot air is introduced by the air duct distributor in the center of the drum, passes through the chip core through the fan-shaped air paddle, and is extracted from the air valve on the other side of the air duct under the action of exhaust and negative pressure, and is discharged after dust removal, so that the coating medium can be quickly dried on the surface of the chip core to form a solid, dense and smooth surface film.

Uncover the secret behind the choice of peristaltic pump

The coating machine requires that the delivery pump be easy to clean, meet the high sanitary needs, avoid dead corners, and prevent the accumulation or blockage of suspension coating liquid. In addition, it must ensure that the flow is stable and the size of atomized droplets is uniform.


The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can highly match the needs of the coating machine, and the peristaltic pump has a variety of advantages.

1.High hygiene level, easy to clean: due to its structure, the materials conveyed by the peristaltic pump will only contact the inner wall of the hose, which can prevent the pump body from polluting the liquid materials. There is no dead corner on the pipeline, and the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization work is extremely simple.

2.Low maintenance cost and avoid dead corners: the peristaltic pump has no valves and seals, eliminating a variety of maintenance troubles. It has good self sealing performance and can effectively avoid dead corners.

3.Low shear force, more suitable for pharmaceutical: peristaltic pump has low shear force, which is an ideal tool for conveying shear sensitivity. It can transport liquid materials and macromolecular materials containing solid particles without changing the state of the materials.

4.The flow is stable and adjustable: the peristaltic pump flow is stable, which can transmit the stable flow of liquid materials. And the flow range is wide and can be continuously adjusted, and different flows can be provided as the process requirements change.

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump effectively improves the working efficiency of the coating machine and ensures the stability of drug coating. In the future, Lead fluid will continue to launch more high-quality products made in China, and work with colleagues in the industry to continue to promote the forward development of China’s pharmaceutical industry.