Lead Fluid adds a new product member microliter peristaltic pump-MLP series, as a new member of liquid filling peristaltic pump, more surprising new functions, powerful technology will be presented! How can the filling peristaltic pump be used to increase efficiency and productivity? Let us take a look at microliter peristaltic pump, you will find out.

Lead Fluid MLP series products are mainly used for high-precision filling of various aqueous solutions, filling range 1μl~10ml. It has the advantages of high accuracy, high repeatability, high efficiency, high cleanliness, maintenance friendly and simple operation. It can be used manually and automatically.

◊ What new technology does the new microliter peristaltic pump have?

     Small size high efficiency ,modular design, easy to operation.


Modular design,easy to expand,multiple pumps can be cascaded to form a multi-channel filling system.

The man-machine interface directly input liquid volume parameters, easy to operate.

Rotary pressure tube structure, high efficiency, small volume.

    High precision, low loss, long life

High filling accuracy,the error is less than ±0.2%.

The pump tube is low in loss, the continuous service life up to 700 hours, 12 hours attenuation rate<1%,simple maintenance.


    Free-maintenance, zero dripping, high cleanliness

High-precision servo motor drive, large torque, free-maintenance.

Suction back function, zero dripping, instant shutdown.

High clean pipeline, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and sterilize, support CIP and SIP.

It can be operated manually or used with an automatic production line.

Automatic production line

Operated manually

Compared with traditional peristaltic pump, microliter peristaltic pump has the advantages of high precision and efficiency ,long life, without pulse. Compared with plunger pump, the microliter peristaltic pump is more cleaner and sanitary, easy to use, no dripping.