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From 2022 to 2023,What Changes Have Taken Place In Lead Fluid?

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The years are in a hurry. 2022 is the 23rd year for us to focus on the R&D and production of peristaltic pump to accompany customers and partners. Lead Fluid has gone from Baoding to the world in the past 23 years.

In 2022, the Lead Fluid people handed over a new answer sheet with their own actions, customers’ affirmation and full of honor.

April 2022

Lead Fluid won A ` DESIGN AWARD

international award

Lead Fluid FT1524 pump head won the bronze medal in the category of A ‘Design Award and Competition engineering and technology, which is known as the Oscar in the European design industry.

July 2022

Lead Fluid micro-lift peristaltic pump obtained international patent


“A precise quantitative control system for peristaltic pump and its control method” has passed the United States patent certification, which is the 121st intellectual property patent of Lead Fluid.

August 2022

Lead Fluid was awarded a national honor

“Little Giant” enterprises

The first company in the industry to win this honor! The selected companies are not only the leaders in the industry, but also the pioneers with strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies and excellent quality and efficiency.

November 2022

Lead Fluid won the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The third place in Hebei Province

In the project of “R&D and industrialization of peristaltic pump technology based on high precision and high stability”, Lead Fluid company stood out from 4381 innovation and entrepreneurship teams at home and abroad, and won the third place of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hebei!

In 2022, the Lead Fluid people worked hard and made great achievements in exploration. In the new year, the Lead Fluid people will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and harvest new glory!

Looking back to 2022, these moments of Lead Fluid are also worth remembering.

May 2022

Lead Fluid launched a new LOGO and upgraded the brand

Lead Fluid’s new LOGO graphics are uniformly extended with equal thick lines, highlighting the precision of fluid transmission, and showing the concept of cooperation and interaction through two smooth curves. It is hoped that each individual in the fluid industry can participate equally and jointly create beautiful things. The intertwined images symbolize the vision of Lead Fluid to work together with customers and partners to reach the peak.

May and August 2022

The product exchange meeting of Lead Fluid partners was successfully held

(Chairman Yanfeng Zhang is giving an online speech)

Both exchanges were held in the form of online meetings with the participation of hundreds of partners from all over the country. The purpose of the exchange meeting is to provide partners with the latest industry situation analysis and comprehensive product technical support, with a view to working together to create brilliance.

Lead Fluid 2022 Fun Games staged in July

Basketball matches, tug-of-war, sandbags throwing, huddling for warmth… wonderful games and interesting games show the different demeanor of the Lead Fluid People, and also reflect the spirit of the Lead Fluid to unite and constantly surpass themselves.

Lead Fluid Manager Capability Improvement Camp was successfully held

Yanfeng Zhang, chairman of the board,Xiaoling Zhang, general manager, and middle and senior managers of the company participated in the training camp. This training not only enables managers to recognize and improve themselves more accurately, but also grasps new thinking and new concepts in team building and management, and boosts the company’s refined development and long-term development.

Lead Fluid New Employee Meeting

Consolidate “new” cohesion

(The 6th meeting of new employees)

New employees are the fresh blood of the company and the vitality of its sustainable development. At the meeting of new employees held by Lead Fluid, everyone knew each other, asked questions enthusiastically and answered patiently, laying a foundation for new employees to quickly integrate into the company and enhance their sense of identity and belonging to the company.

Every moment

Are of extraordinary significance!

Listen to the voice of the Lead Fluid again

Production and Operation Department

2022 has passed in a tense and busy time. Looking back on the past year, it has also experienced an extraordinary test and sharpening!

In the past year, our production and operation department faced the difficulties of poor logistics and inadequate supply of raw materials due to the repeated epidemic, and worked overtime to ensure the achievement of the daily output value target.

Although the time is tight and the task is heavy, we always adhere to environmental control and inspection at all levels. From strict material selection, high standard and high management production process, to professional testing equipment and methods, until the finished products pass the seven-day harsh working conditions test before delivery, to ensure the excellent quality of each equipment delivered to customers!

In 2023, we will, as always, work hard to create first-class products and a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment!

Sales Department

Through spring, summer, autumn and winter, through the years, 2023 will come as promised!

This year, we adhered to the company’s “customer-centered” concept, cared about customers in consciousness and action, and constantly improved products and services from the perspective of customers, so as to be customer-oriented, think about what customers think, think about the rationality of each equipment use scenario, and consider every step of customer operation! And no matter how early or how late, the Lead Fluid salesperson is always online!

This year, as the company’s external publicity window, we did a good job of market research in a timely manner to understand the latest developments in the industry, and delivered the company’s information to the outside and the inside in an all-round way through multiple channels, so as to build the company’s image outside and strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise inside, and achieve a subtle effect through little by little.

Technology Department

Day by day, year by year. 2023 is coming!

Lead Fluid has been in the “small and micro fluid transmission” industry for decades, and its products are active in molecular diagnosis, biopharmaceuticals, scientific instruments, ecological protection, food and beverage and other industries. Facing such a broad market prospect, how to develop products that meet the market demand and have excellent quality and high cost performance has been a topic discussed by the members of Lead Fluid Technology Department.

In 2022, we will focus on the main line of scientific research and practice, continue to carry out research and research on the basis of the high quality of Lead Fluid, open up our minds, forge ahead with innovation, and annotate the concept of “user-centered, innovative design of high-quality and high-performance products” with actions, and constantly achieve the technological breakthrough of “small and micro fluid transmission”.

Choose one thing and stick to it for life. In the future, we will stick to our original intention, forge ahead, and work with all departments to continue to write a new chapter in the development of Lead Fluid!

General Department

Looking back to 2022, the General Department, under the guidance of the company’s leadership, carried out work closely around the company’s business policies and objectives, and focused on playing the role of connecting the past and the future, connecting the left and the right, and coordinating all parties.

In this year, we worked in a serious, careful and rigorous manner to ensure the safe, accurate and timely receipt and payment of all funds.

This year, we have constantly supplemented and improved various rules and regulations to ensure that all work is rule-based.

This year, we will plan and deploy the introduction of talents in a targeted way to meet the needs and ensure the reserve.

This year, regardless of rain or snow, we strive to prepare goods for shipment on time, reasonably arrange the storage of warehouse materials and timely record the products in and out of the warehouse.

In 2023, the General Affairs Department will continue to play the role of “staff, organization, coordination and service”, earnestly implement various regulations, and strive to promote all work towards the established goals!

The extraordinary 2022 has passed, and the promising 2023 has come. Let’s work together to create a brighter tomorrow.