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Features and Advantages Of High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pumps

high flow industrial peristaltic pump

Industrial peristaltic pumps from Lead Fluid have high precision, suitable for transferring and dispensing high flow rate of fluid industry. In some industries, when transferring liquids, not only high precision is required, but also large flow transmission is required (for example, in the industrial field). In this case, ordinary peristaltic pumps are difficult to meet the requirements. In response to this situation, Lead Fluid designed a high flow peristaltic pump. Because it is mainly used in the industrial field, it has also been called an industrial high flow peristaltic pump.

What is a high flow peristaltic pump?

The high-flow peristaltic pump is a pump suitable for high-flow rate liquid transmission in industrial sites. The product model is WG600S, which is a kind of speed-variable type. Can be cascaded with double pump heads, driven by a brushless DC motor, free maintenance, more powerful, with basic functions such as reversible direction, start and stop, full speed (cleaning), and adjust speed. The RS485 communication interface adopts the MODBUS protocol, which makes it easier to connect with other control equipment such as computers, man-machine interfaces, and PLCs.

So what are characteristics and advantages of industrial peristaltic pumps?

  1. Easy to control the speed, reversible direction, start and stop, full speed, easy to operate.
  2. LF-LED-OS software system, the digital tube displays the speed and working status.
  3. Driven by a large torque brushless motor, strong power and maintenance-free.
  4. The 304 stainless steel shell is easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
  5. Timing operation can be used for easy dispensing.
  6. The circuit board is sprayed with three anti-paint technology to achieve dust-proof and moisture-proof effect.
  7. WG600S industrial adjust speed peristaltic pump externally controlled start and stop, reversible direction, optocoupler isolation.
  8. 5V, 12V, 24V level input is optional.
  9. The external analog quantity controls the speed. Advantages of large flow peristaltic pumps although the purchase price of this pump is higher than that of ordinary peristaltic pumps, the only consumables are peristaltic pump hoses, which are much lower than other accessories. In addition, only the hoses are in contact with liquid, so cleaning is more convenient. Compared with other industrial pumps, such as diaphragm pump screw pump, some necessary accessories (back pressure valve and exhaust valve, sealing ring of single screw rod pump) are saved, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 80%, which is more beneficial Improvement of work efficiency

What to pay attention to when we buy a peristaltic pump?

  1. The quality of the silicone tube of the peristaltic pump determines the efficiency of the peristaltic pump. Everyone try to choose a peristaltic pump manufacturer to buy it. Professional peristaltic pump manufacturers have better control of the pipes, so that you can use it with confidence.
  2. Pay attention to the environment of use. Different environments have different effects on the material, so different materials need to be matched.
  3. When installing and removing external control devices, be sure to turn off the power to prevent damage to the equipment.
  4. When connecting the external control or communication interface, please cut off the power.