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Can a Peristaltic Pump Pump Air?

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As a precision peristaltic pump, can a peristaltic pump pump air? The answer is yes. Through the working principle of the peristaltic air pump, we can know that the peristaltic tube pump transfers liquid through rollers squeezing the hose. Several rollers alternately squeeze/release the pumping efficiency of an elastic tube to work in the tube. When the fluid generates flow output and the pressure disappears, the tube relies on its own elasticity to return to its original shape, just like the repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles can make blood flow in the blood vessels. Only the hose is in contact with the liquid, which is also one of the advantages of the peristaltic pump. With this feature, the peristaltic pump can transport liquids, gases, and gas-liquid mixtures.

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Precautions for pump air by peristaltic pump

When we use peristaltic pump to pump air, we should pay attention to 4 items.

  1. Pay attention to the service life of the peristaltic pump tubing. After a long time of use, the tubing at the roller squeezing part is prone to rupture, so it should be replaced in time.
  2. The delivery of general liquids can use tubing made of silicone tubes, but special liquids require hoses of special materials. If you are in doubt, please consult Lead Fluid after-sales engineers.
  3.  The pump shell is divided into plastic shell and stainless steel material, please choose according to the use environment.
  4. The selection of the peristaltic pump is very important. The flow range of each pump is different, so you must not select it according to the limit value. You can consult the sales staff of Lead Fluid first to make the selection.

How to maintain the peristaltic pump daily?

In the process of daily use, try to replace the peristaltic pump hose after long-term use, so that it is not easy to cause the silicone tube to rupture. The pump head is disassembled and cleaned to avoid freezing in the gap of the roller after weathering, which will cause the pump head to get stuck. The peristaltic pump tubing should be replaced in time according to the frequency of use of the specific pump during use, or the position should be moved frequently. If the liquid is highly corrosive, please select the imported tubing of the corresponding material to avoid damage to the peristaltic pump.

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