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Application Of Peristaltic Pump In Medical Ultrasonic Cleaning And Disinfection Machine

oem peristaltic pump

Precision peristaltic pump, it is used in many industries. The peristaltic pump is mainly used for automatic quantitative addition and injection of enzymes, cleaning agents and disinfectants in automatic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machines.

Ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machine can complete ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, boiling disinfection, drying and other functions, which can greatly save cleaning workload and improve work efficiency. Medical automatic ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machine is mainly used for hospital endoscopic biopsy forceps, scalpels, hemostatic forceps, forceps, suction devices, anesthesia pipes, infusion sets, bottles, dressing bowls, various plates, barrels, pressure gauges and other polluting instruments cleaning.

When the ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machine is working, it is necessary to automatically quantitatively add and inject enzymes, cleaning agents and disinfectants. The added cleaning aid has the characteristics of small dosage, high adding precision and certain corrosiveness, which cannot be well satisfied by ordinary pumps. As a stepper motor peristaltic pump, a precision peristaltic pump produced by Lead Fluid has special properties such as high conveying accuracy, corrosion resistance, and shut-off valve, which can well meet the characteristics and needs of adding cleaning additives to ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection machines.

Precautions for use

  1. The pump relies on compressed hoses for fluid and transmission. When the pump is not working, the pressure block can be released to leave the hose in a natural uncompressed state, extending its life.
  2. When selecting pump parameters, the theoretical flow rate is larger than the actual flow rate, generally larger than 30%. Because the pump tube is soft, it generates very little negative pressure and discharge pressure. If the liquid being conveyed has a certain viscosity or the pipe has a certain length, part of the actual flow will be lost. So in order to achieve the required flow, the theoretical flow should be slightly higher than the actual flow.
  3. There are many kinds of peristaltic pump silicone hoses, including imported hoses and domestic hoses. Due to the high wear and tear of the hose at the pump head, it needs to have good compression elasticity and tear resistance, and a special hose can be used, which can save the time of replacing the hose and increase the working time of the pump.
  4. Pay attention to cleaning the sundries on the pump casing and hose during the use of the equipment. Since the peristaltic pump is a precision instrument, it mainly relies on the pinch roller to squeeze the hose. If the inflowing liquid sticks to the pressure roller and pressure block due to hose damage, it will change the compression gap of the pump head. Even small changes can cause premature hose wear, which will affect pump usage.
  5. On the premise of satisfying the flow rate during model selection, the pump speed can be reduced to below 300 rpm. The flow of the pump is determined by the speed of the impeller, and if it is rotated too fast, the loss of the hose will be increased. Therefore, you can choose a pump with a larger diameter, thereby reducing the speed of the pump.