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Application Of Peristaltic Pump In Gassho Machine

What are the advantages of using a peristaltic pump to supply glue with gassho machine

The gassho machine is mainly used for the production process of shrink film and shrink label. It is an important tool for the preparation of shrink film and shrink label. The film material is formed into a roll and tape-shaped packaging material, and the position of the palm is bonded by glue, and then rolled.

The structure of the gassho machine mainly includes unwinding rollers, packaging film guide rollers, winding rollers, etc. When the packaging film is put together, glue is generally used to coat the interface of the packaging film. In this process, the most important thing is to control the amount of glue . When the amount of glue is unstable, it will seriously affect the quality of the packaging film after the palms are pressed together. If the amount of glue is too large, the two layers of packaging film will be glued together, and the glue will be wasted. If the amount of glue is too small, the packaging film will not be bonded. Affects subsequent loading.

Peristaltic pump assist in the gassho machine work efficiently

The high speed glue dispenser machine uses the method of rotary coating to apply glue, but there are some problems in this method:
1. The glue contacts the rollers, which is easy to contaminate the machine, inconvenient to clean, and affects the efficiency of the machine;
2. The glue transfer is not uniform, and the amount of glue applied is not easy to control;
3. The process of gluing in this way is also cumbersome and inconvenient to debug, which seriously affects the working efficiency of the combined palm machine.

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump perfectly solves the above problems. Many characteristics of the peristaltic pump are very suitable for conveying glue for gluing.

1. The only part of the Lead Fluid peristaltic pump that contacts the glue is the pump tube, which will not pollute the machine. The pump tube is easy to clean and replace, and the replacement can be completed in just one minute;
2. Lead Fluid BT100L peristaltic pump can realize high-precision quantitative continuous transmission. Equipped with WMD15 micro-pulsation pump head, the low-pulsation fluid delivery is more stable, and the glue amount is more accurate and precise;
3. The peristaltic pump can better transport the liquid with a certain viscosity. The viscosity of the glue is very high, which is different from the liquid with poor viscosity and the water flow without viscosity. Using the peristaltic pump can continuously and accurately transport the glue to the designated position. And ensure high efficiency and long-term stability.

Precautions for peristaltic pump working

1. The distance between the glue inlet and the glue outlet of the peristaltic pump should be as short as 1 meter. Due to the high viscosity of the glue, the suction and head also have a great influence on the flow. This operation can effectively ensure the amount of glue.
2. The peristaltic pump should be selected as far as possible with good glue-resistant and corrosion-resistant structure. It is better to choose the driver with flow display function and calibration function.
3. Because the working principle of the peristaltic pump is to squeeze the liquid flow of the hose through the roller, the pump tube will be worn during the extrusion process. It needs to be checked regularly and the peristaltic pump tube should be replaced regularly to prevent the damage of the hose and the leakage of glue causing the pump body. contamination and damage.