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Application Of Peristaltic Pump In Automatic Washing Machine

Can peristaltic pumps be used in fully automatic washing machines? Application of peristaltic pump in automatic washing machine?

You can try the washing machine, which has the function of automatically adding detergent, and can quantitatively inject detergent and softener. Do you know how this function is implemented? This is achieved by a peristaltic pump.

How is the peristaltic pump used in the automatic detergent dispensing function of the washing machine?

As shown in the picture below, this type of washing machine is provided with a dedicated container A for storing liquid detergent and softener. The container A is connected to the peristaltic pump B and squeezes the lotion liquid into the washing machine multiplexer D through the hose C.

When working, the washing machine automatically senses the weight of the clothes through the fuzzy weighing technology and makes judgments based on the laundry program selected by the user. The built-in temperature sensor determines the current ambient temperature and adjusts the amount of detergent, intelligently controls the peristaltic pump, and squeezes the detergent into the washing machine. In the multi-channel dispenser, the intelligent delivery of detergent can be realized, which is truly fully automatic and intelligent.

At the same time, through the liquid level sensor E, the remaining amount of lotion in the container is constantly monitored. When the minimum liquid level is reached, the washing machine will remind the user to add lotion, so that the user can truly be relieved from the tedious operation.

Which type of peristaltic pump is suitable for automatic washing machines? What are its advantages of MC10 peristaltic pump?

There are many products of Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps that can be used in automatic washing machines. The most commonly used model: Lead Fluid MC10 series micro peristaltic pumps. It has the following advantages and is especially suitable for automatic washing machines.

  1. Strong wear resistance: Lead Fluid MC10 series micro peristaltic pump is made of high-performance plastic material, with high rigidity and excellent wear resistance.
  2. Long service life: The motor spindle of Lead Fluid MC10 series micro peristaltic pump drives the three surrounding rollers to rotate through the friction type planetary structure, the pump tube wear is very small, the hose life is long and the transmission is stable. And strong sealing, with high working stability, not easy to damage, can work continuously for a long time.
  3. Strong self-suction: Lead Fluid MC10 series micro peristaltic pumps can easily pump liquids such as detergents and softeners with strong viscosity and strong adhesion
  4. High precision: Lead Fluid MC10 series micro peristaltic pump has high precision, can quantitatively transport liquids such as detergent, effectively save the use of detergent, and also effectively reduce the damage to clothes caused by putting more detergent.
  5. Quiet and non-disturbing: Lead Fluid MC10 series micro peristaltic pump adopts silent design, the running noise is much lower than that of the geared motor, and the laundry is quiet and non-disturbing.