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Analitika Expo2018

  2018 Russian laboratory Exhibition

убеждает экспо – 2018 /Analitika Expo 2018
april24-26 /April24-26
“сокольники” кэс / ECC “Sokolniki”

Booth Number:B437

Exhibits range:

Biochemical field: biochemical instruments, medical instruments, bio pharmaceutical analysis and diagnostic instruments, reagents and diagnosis, protein / phthalocyanine synthesis system, molecular biology instruments, amino acid sequencing, DNA synthesis, eliasa, cell biology instruments, biochemical engineering equipment, bio technology equipment, fermentation equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, sterilization device, purification equipment, detection and control equipment, liquid handling equipment, water equipment, cleaning equipment and various supplies

Analysis: electronic instrument and optical microscope, electron probe, optical analysis instrument, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrum analyzer, electrochemical analysis instrument, X ray analysis instrument, thermal analysis instrument, all kinds of portable instrument, surface analysis instruments, nuclear analytical instrument, element analysis instrument, process analytical instruments, instrument analysis injection analysis instrument

Laboratory equipment: all kinds of weighing scales, weighing sensor, weighing display controller and related testing instruments, components and materials; laboratory furniture, laboratory equipment and laboratory equipment, automation and accessories, optical instruments, electronic measuring instrument, multimeter, oscilloscope, electronic probe, electronic simulation system, MCU development system, image processing system, testing instruments and apparatus, calibration device, measuring and weighing system, chemical reagent, laboratory renovation technology, supplies and related software

Industry specific areas: chemical, petroleum instruments, electronic communications, chemical fiber, aerospace, medical and health industry instruments, metrology and testing, industrial quality control, material testing, material identification, etc.

Petroleum logging instruments, drilling instruments, instrumentation, oil refining and chemical instrument and other instruments, oil exploration equipment, petroleum seismic equipment, smelting equipment, transportation equipment, petroleum oil and other oil equipment, water equipment, radar special transformer, high temperature, high temperature resistance, precision semiconductor electronic circuit software, drilling Chung, missing alarm dead line fixer, radiation detection equipment, radiation level measuring instrument, water color warm boiler, fuel and gas boiler, pressure vessel, motor protector, special oil valve testing, all kinds of physical and chemical testing machine of oil equipment, electronic measuring instrument, measuring and weighing system, industrial instrumentation

L clinical test reagent in vitro diagnostic reagents, rapid diagnostic reagents, reagent, blood electrolyte reagent, blood coagulation reagent kit, blood lipid and biochemical reagents, chemiluminescence reagent, dry chemistry test paper, chlamydia, detection reagent, protein detection reagent, infectious disease detection reagent, tumor markers, allergy diagnostic reagents, reagent the human gene detection reagent, immunohistochemistry and tissue cell biochip reagent, * * *, vitamin determination reagent, cell staining agent, immune diagnostic reagents, microbiological test kits and other diagnostic reagents