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What’s The Application Of Peristaltic Pump In Medical Devices?

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Peristaltic pump is widely used in the medical industry. Because when it transmits liquid, the liquid only contacts the inner wall of the tube, which can well ensure the cleanliness of the liquid. Peristaltic pump can be used in common medical scenes: chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer, automatic sterilizer quantitative enzymes, cleaning agents and disinfectants and washing pump supporting the delivery of sterile liquid or normal saline, etc. So how are peristaltic pumps used in the medical industry? Let’s explore together.

1.Chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer

Chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer is widely used in the detection of tumor markers, hormones and other immune items. By detecting the luminous intensity of a specific substance, it can quantitatively detect specific antigens, antibodies and other substances in human samples (blood, body fluid, tissue, etc.), so as to obtain clinical diagnostic information, and then judge the disease or matrix function.

Chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer must ensure accurate detection results. Therefore, it needs to adopt a high-precision, long-life, high reliability injection system to complete sample pretreatment and sample / reagent addition.

Peristaltic pump can realize high-precision micro flow fluid transmission, with low maintenance cost and strong reliability. It is an ideal choice for the sampling pump of chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer.

2.Disinfector disinfector

Medical equipment must ensure a high standard of cleanliness. The cleaning of deep holes, blind holes and concave convex grooves of medical instruments requires a full-automatic cleaning and disinfection machine for comprehensive cleaning. When the automatic cleaning and disinfection machine works, it needs to automatically add and inject enzymes, cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The added cleaning aids have the following characteristics: small dosage, high addition accuracy and certain corrosivity. General pumps usually cannot meet these requirements well. Ding, but peristaltic pump can.

Peristaltic pump has the advantages of small volume, high delivery accuracy, corrosion resistance and so on, which can fully meet the needs of adding cleaning aids in automatic cleaning and disinfection machines.


Do you remember the feeling of gastroscopy? Gastroscopy is the most widely used method of endoscopy in clinic. But it is famous for its painful and indescribable.

In the clinical application of gastroscope, it needs to be used together with the flushing pump to flush the mucous bubbles, blood, dirt and other substances that affect the visual field in the digestive tract of patients, which can improve the visual field definition of gastroscope.

When transporting sterile liquid or normal saline for flushing, it is necessary to ensure that the whole transmission process of the liquid is sealed and free of pollution, and the peristaltic pump can easily meet these needs.

Peristaltic pump has the characteristics of controllable flow and high precision, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of endoscope.

So what are the applications of peristaltic pumps you know? Welcome to contact Lead Fluid company.