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2024 Lead Fluid Company Annual Meeting

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The lucky rabbit bid farewell to the old year, and the golden dragon welcomed the new year!
2024 Lead Fluid Annual Conference and Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference
Successfully held!
All the Lead Fluid persons gathered together
Let’s play the passionate overture of 2024 together!

Leader’s Speech

(Speech by Mr. Zhang Yanfeng, Chairman)

The annual meeting kicked off with the speech of Mr. Zhang Yanfeng, the chairman. Mr. Zhang shared his self driving trip to Tibet, where he walked the most rugged road and saw the most beautiful scenery. Life is like a journey, full of hardships, scenery, and harvest. In the new year, the people of Lead Fluid will continue to adhere to the core values of more effort, more courage, and more communication, and write a new chapter in the development of the company and individuals!

(Speech by Ms. Zhang Xiaoling, General Manager)

Ms. Zhang Xiaoling, General Manager said:
Reviewed the achievements of various departments in 2023.The people of Lead Fluid are down-to-earth, taking every step well. In the new year, the people of Lead Fluid will definitely. Cut through thorns and thorns, and continue to work hard. To achieve the goals of Lead Fluid in the peristaltic pump industry. Strive to climb the peak!

The Power of Role Models

At the annual meeting, progress awards, contribution awards, innovation awards, craftsman quality awards, outstanding employee awards, and sales star honors were presented. The winners shone brightly in different positions and injected the power of role models into the high-quality development of the company with their actions!

Wonderful performance

At the annual meeting, various programs such as songs, dances, skits, recitations, magic, etc. took turns to showcase the versatile side of the people of Lead Fluid.

There are songs and dances, how can there be less joy and laughter! Funny and lifelike, making people burst into laughter and applaud! Lead Fluid buddies not only have strong business capabilities, but also possess unique skills. Exciting magic, free and unrestrained fan dance, talented three and a half sentences, special dance… Applause and praise keep coming! In the game segment, everyone is even more enthusiastic, lucky red envelope lottery, and surprises keep coming! 


Amidst the interweaving of toasts, everyone raised their glasses and drank heartily, laughing heartily, celebrating yesterday’s success and glory, and depicting a beautiful blueprint~

2024,A new starting point, a new journey
All Lead Fluid people work together to create a better future!