The mini peristaltic pump is a compact, light weight and economical. The main advantages of the micro peristaltic pump are the fluid can be isolated in the pump tube, the replacement of the pump tube is convenient and quick, the fluid can be reversed, can run dry, and the maintenance cost is low. It is widely used in chemical, mining, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries.

The micro peristaltic pump pumps fluid by alternately squeezing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump, just like squeezing the hose with your hand. As the squeezing moves, negative pressure will be formed in the tube and the liquid will follow flow. And form a “pillow”-shaped fluid in the pump tube between the two rollers.

mini peristaltic pump

  • Product introduction

The pump head shell is made of high-function plastic, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Compact structure design, small size, light weight.

Use micro DC geared motor, simple control, low noise.

Low energy consumption, can be driven by dry battery.

  • Advantages of WX08 micro peristaltic pump

1) No pollution, the fluid only touches the pump tube, not the pump body.

2) High accuracy, high repeatability and stability accuracy.

3) Low shear force, ideal equipment for conveying shear sensitive and aggressive fluids.

4) Good airtightness, good self-priming ability, idling, and preventing backflow.

5) Simple maintenance, no valves and seals.

6) Large head and large torque (power), brushed motors and brushless motors of the same size, the pressure (head) of the brush is much greater than that of the brushless motor.

micro peristaltic pump

  • Technical parameters

Flow Range: ≤3ml/min

Tubing:     1.6×0.8mm(ID×Wall Thickness)

Tube Material: Silicone, Viton

Channel: 1

Motor: DC3.7V / 1W

Service Life: >180h

Load Noise: ≤50dB(Distance 1m,environment noise 40dB)

Outlet Pressure: ≤0.05Mpa

Inlet Pressure: ≤0.03Mpa

Load Temperature Rise: ≤60℃(Continuous operation for 1 hour)

Function: Reversible direction

Environment: Temperature 0-40℃, humidity﹤80%

Weight: 15g(include 3.7v DC motor,20cm silicone tube)

Dimension: 29.5×14.2×18mm

  • Product application

Mini peristaltic pumps are mainly used for supporting small equipment or instruments.

1.  Sweeping and mopping robot

The mopping robot needs to spray water accurately and wipe back and forth in the working process to easily deal with household floor stains. To achieve precise water spraying, the mopping robot needs to spray regularly and evenly on the mop when mopping the floor to ensure the cleanliness of the mopping. How to achieve precise water spraying is a major issue in the design and development of sweeping and mopping robots.
The sweeping and mopping robot requires small size, light weight, durability, high reliability, and stable water spraying for the water spray system. Lead Fluid WX08 peristaltic pump can meet these requirements and solve the problem of water spraying scheme of sweeping and mopping robot.
WX08 peristaltic pump is made of engineering plastic material, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and can be sterilized under high temperature and high pressure. It uses rolling friction squeeze hose for liquid delivery, which improves the life of the hose, and the delivery liquid flow is stable, and the motor runs smoothly, low noise.

2. Beauty instrument

When the beauty instrument is working, it is necessary to use a micro peristaltic pump for automatic quantitative addition and injection of medicines. Due to the following characteristics of medicament, small transmission dose, high precision requirements, and certain corrosiveness, ordinary pumps usually cannot meet these requirements well. Compared with other types of pumps, peristaltic pumps have special abilities such as high conveying accuracy, corrosion resistance, convenient operation, and easy cleaning, so they can well meet the characteristics and needs of cleaning additives

3. Automatic washing phone

Automatic washing phones will use a micro peristaltic pump for quantitative addition of hand sanitizer. The liquid suction device of the micro peristaltic pump fixes the liquid inlet pipe in the lock slot of the pump head of the peristaltic pump. The hand sanitizer is drawn out through the liquid storage bottle and is pump it out. In this way, functions and advantages such as safety and convenience, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, good sealing performance, and low noise are realized.